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Teen, 15 years old Written byBlue diamond July 1, 2012

Best show ever!

This is an amazing show. My friends always say that I'm exremely logical especially as my favourite subjects in school are math and science, so if even a brainstrain like me can enjoy it, others can as well. As a kid I used to watch it every time it appeared on tv, I still watch it now but only on my computer because it doesn't air on tv any more. This show is WAY more original than the powerpuff girls (never liked that show) and is more appealing to all age groups than that show will ever be. This show isn't all about blowing stuff up. Most of the show doesn't even involve fighting. I mean, it is an action show so there will be some violence, but the majority of each episode doesn't consist of the battles. The villians in this show aren't scary, my seven year old sister has never been frightened of Skeleton King. This show does involve important messages for children. After all, if you watch the episodes, you will see that the team only wins if they work together. This show gives children a glimpse of what the world is really like, that there is some bad but mostly good. The characters themselves are much more realistic than the ones in the powerpuff girls as they all have their faults, skills, personalities and interests. Anyone who watches this show will be able to compare to at least one of the characters. My sisters always compare me to Mr. Hal Gibson. I would reccomend this show to anyone who likes adventure, action, comidy, science fiction and the traditional good versus evil. Two pieces of advice though: = Try to watch the episodes in order or you might get confused. = Unlike the person who wrote the review saying that the powerpuff girls were more original, you should watch at least to episode six before deciding what you think of it.
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Teen, 17 years old Written byncfan July 12, 2010

Essential for children of all ages

Common Sense has given this show a very bad rap, one it doesn't deserve. SRMTHG is a much deeper show than the mindless laugh tracks being passed off as cartoons these days; true, there are comedy episodes, but it has continuity, a strong, deep plot, dynamic characters, love (in both senses of the word) and life lessons that children can learn. We have a very strong cast of flawed but ultimately good protagonists: Chiro, the young teenage hero, at times cocky but sensitive and considerate of his comrades, Antauri, the black, later silver monkey (after his death and resurrection), who behaves as a wise mentor and kindly father figure to Chiro, Gibson, the blue monkey and resident genius, Otto the green monkey, a mechanical wizard who is very good-natured and kind, Sprx, the red monkey, comedian and occasional ladies man (who is later revealed to be in love with Nova), and Nova, the yellow monkey and only female main character, who is at times short-tempered, but is very loyal to her friends. The show is highly intelligent (just look at Antauri and Gibson's diction, if you want a prosaic example), and is 'not' a purely violent, cheerful show. The "I, Chiro" saga, consisting of the episodes "Antauri's Masters", "I, Chiro", and "The Savage Lands, Parts 1 and 2", are deeply engaging, very dark but at the same time the best example of what SRMTHG has to offer. "I, Chiro" in particular is possibly the show's most popular episode, an edge-of-your-seat tear jerker. SRMTHG gives a lesson that very few young children learn from watching run-of-the-mill cartoons. Bad things can happen to good people. What happens to Antauri in "I, Chiro" is an obvious example, but what I'm thinking about is the Alchemist's fate. The Alchemist, a good man with only the best of intentions, did not do anything to deserve being tainted with the evil that would transform him into the Skeleton King, but it happened anyway. Because of this, he created the Hyperforce in order to defend the universe from what he would become. Despite growing deeply attached to the monkeys, especially Nova (whom it is hinted may have been the Alchemist's favorite), the Alchemist erases their memories of him so they will have an easier fighting him in future; this decision deeply saddened him, but he went through with it later. The point is, after learning the truth about who the Skeleton King used to be, even with how ruthlessly evil he is, it's never possible to look at him quite the same way again. A quote of the Alchemist's sums it up nicely: "I beg of you...remember me as the person I was. The person I am." All of the monkeys, and Chiro, love each other, but I wish to elaborate on the three deepest relationships: the relationships between Chiro and Jinmay, between Sprx and Nova, and between Antauri and Chiro. Chiro and Jinmay are the typical teen romance (if very sweet and chaste), having essentially been boyfriend and girlfriend from the first day they met. They prove that long-distance relationships can work. Sprx and Nova are the more "adult" romance (still very chaste; this is a kid's show, after all), having been built up for a long time, with delicious tension between the two at times. But Antauri and Chiro's relationship is my favorite. It's not romantic love, by any stretch of the word. Even a casual observer of the show will quickly see that Antauri and Chiro's relationship and emotional dynamic is clearly that of father and son, arguably the strongest relationship in the show. Antauri's attitude towards Chiro is at times stern, at times kindly, at times nurturing, but he always behaves with Chiro's best interests at heart; Chiro consistently deeply respects Antauri's judgment and, for the most part, does not question his word. Since it is speculated that Chiro's parents are either dead or otherwise emotionally unavailable, it is entirely possible that Antauri has become a father figure to Chiro when his parents can not fill that role. If anything, Chiro's reaction in "I, Chiro" and "The Savage Lands", to Antauri's death (before his resurrection), definitely has parallels to a child's reaction over the loss of a parent; it's enough to have had most of the viewers in tears the first time they watch it (And sometimes in tears for subsequent views, as well). At any rate, Chiro definitely looks up to Antauri as a teacher, if not as a father, and Antauri's behavior and choices when it comes to Chiro is at times much more responsible than the choices made by many human parents today, despite the fact that he's a monkey. But my favorite aspect of the show comes from an exchange at the end of the first season finale "The Skeleton King". The Skeleton King appears to have been killed (he really hasn't, but it doesn't detract from this conversation at all), and Chiro comments that he can't imagine a world without the Skeleton King. At this moment, Antauri and the rest of the hyperforce appear, with Antauri saying "Of course you can, Chiro. You have but to choose to." He's basically saying that it is possible for there to be a world without evil. The spirit of optimism manages to shine through, always. SRMTHG is a must-see show for children of all ages, and I think that adults will enjoy it too, for its deeper messages, despite what this website says.
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Teen, 14 years old Written bySRMTHFG_luver April 9, 2008

This show is a good show!

This show is a very fasinating show. If some people ACTUALLY watch it and open their minds abit they might think so too. This show has AMAZING plots and is fun to watch. Even with some of the... more, actiony episodes they throw in some humor. And the fighting is fun to watch! Not scary. This show is great for all ages if they actually open their minds and give it a chance.
Kid, 11 years old April 9, 2008

Whoever says this is a Powerpuff knockoff must really like powerpuff girls

Many people here have bashed this show for being stupid, too much violence and no storyline. I just have to say they are being the ignorant ones. This show just keeps getting better especially into the recent seasons. This show is a miracle what it can do to people by inspiring them to do amazing things to save it. For example, a teenager who makes a WEBSITE dedicated to saving this show must somewhat enjoy it. Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go is a must-see show for teenagers looking for a deeper understanding than most television shows. The characters have traits and personalities that make them different from characters on other shows whos lines are so cheesy and personlities are about as dull as a doorknob. That's it. There's nothing more to it. But SRMTHG is special. There is something we all in ways can relate, and somethings we never could have imagined. They actually spend little of their time fighting, or in combat, and more planning and contemplating and expressing themselves. I know all of the characters by heart. Chiro, a young boy who is sensitive but a bold leader with a good heart. Antauri, the black now silver monkey, wise and cares much about his comrades. Otto, the team mechanic who loves enjoying life and sometimes can be kind of witless. Gibson, the science geek who helps calculate what to do in a situation. Sparks, a comedian and "ladies man". Nova, strong, fierce and tenderly loving at times. Now listen to me, did I even mention their combat skills yet? Or inner powers which are different from combat? Or how they socialize with eachother? Monkies are very social, and can learn much from them. Overall this show is creative, mysterious, nerve-wracking a at times can make you all tingly and stimulate your imagination to give you ideas you might never have had before. I dream about this show very often.
Teen, 16 years old Written byHikaru no Kite April 9, 2008
Teen, 15 years old Written byDAz mongoose October 2, 2016

Horrible show that has one dedicated fanboy...

Horrible show. Look at this... look at all the five star reviews- all written on april 9 2008. Somebody made multiple fake accounts to give this a good rating. Giving this show five stars rating won't make it bettter. How pathetic... some man-child out there has nothing to do with their time...
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Kid, 12 years old November 17, 2014

i'll be honest, I only remember about 5% of what live watched. But a 3 on violence? I don't remember ANYTHING too violent, and there's explosions in almost every animated show on channels like these. You might be thinking I am not a good source, and in a way your right. But still, one star? I do remember that I watched it enough to know it deserves at least 3 stars. one more thing, I expect this from commonsense. The site that said iffy for 16 year old's to play halo, when everybody else says fine for 10. Or Viva La Vida iffy for 14, yet no swears, no violence, clean music video, none of the listed lyrics are ever said in the song. They said this was one of the best parenting sites on the web. Its not true. About half the reviews have accurate info, none are accurate overall.
Kid, 12 years old March 9, 2012

Powerpuff knockoff?! For real?!

Common sense media, I am apalled 'Powepuff knockoff' I hate it when people who say they do 'good' for shows TOTALLY and UTTERLY hate on the BEST shows ever what were you thinking?! Just look at my name for pete's sake!
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Teen, 13 years old Written byAbe1998 December 30, 2011

One of my "classics"

This is a great show. PERIOD! This is coming from a 14-year-old. Has more witchcraft when it gets into the later seasons, so I don't watch those. Minor romance. Mainly only crushes. No language. Just some mild violence. It's odd, there's sometimes "bloodless gore". I don't know what else to call it. Funny! Has good messages.
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Kid, 7 years old March 18, 2011

perfect for all

I love it.What was that romance between Chiro and Jinmay
Teen, 13 years old Written byBookfreak30987 September 9, 2010
I'm really disappointed with Common Sense Media about how they reviewed this show! I'm a teenager, and I have no problem with it what so ever and watched it religiously just a year ago! (Call me a nerd if you like, but this show is great!) It has messages good for the little ones during every episode, like to not leave your friends behind or to never give up. And honestly, I think PowerPuff Girls and Power Rangers are more violent (yes, I watched Power Rangers too, thank you) They are not ripping those shows off. Chiro is a great main character, between the love he has for his friends and the initiative he always shows to fight off the bad guys with his team or without. All the monkeys are cute with their own little personality and Sparks and Nova's little romance thing...I mean, it is a great show! I don't think the villians look scary, you're kids have seen worse at Walmart. Not every episode is just blowing things up and screaming their tag line! For one, that tag line is very awesome, in my opinion. I'm guessing who ever did this article only watched what most of the people who gave this show a bad review watched; the first 5 episodes. As the series progresses, it gets more mature (not in the bad way) and the story starts developing. They never finished the series (they only had one season to go), but if I reached the age of 35 and they finally finished the show, I would totally veg out and watch all the season 5 episodes! I mean, it sticks with you. Parents are letting their little kids watch Hannah Montana now, right? And how are 'catching your boyfriend cheating on you in a picture where he is nibbling some girl's ear' or 'i wish he would go out with me' much better than this? She's the one teaching everyone bad things, I mean, have you seen her album? I think that is a little inappropriate for one of Disney's biggest role models, considering Disney is one of the most popular kids' channel in the U.S. and probably a lot of other places. Anyways, I think SRMTHG is a really good show that got a poor review from someone who doesn't know what they're talking about. If you can ever get ahold of the reruns, you're lucky and you should let your kids watch it.
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Teen, 14 years old Written byKqmagicgirl April 20, 2010
This show is great! I love it, it's not to violent and it has a lot of morals! About trust and hope and determination. They may shoot at things at times but that's with lazers and to be perfectly honest how often do these beams hit. I don't think there's anything wrong with showing this to kids 8 and up.
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Teen, 13 years old Written byshelxkmr October 19, 2009


i'm 13 years old but this has been my favcorite show since i was 5. i would do anything for disney xd to air it again.
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Kid, 12 years old December 28, 2008

The best show, and you are bashing it

OK! I am seriously fed up! This show is the best freakin show out there! It has some crushes, emotion, and lessons. I seriously cried when i watched the season two finale, and trust me, i do not cry that much. It is just such a good show! and i know no one has reviewed this show in a while, but right now it is cancelled because someone was grumpy and wanted to ruin the lives of millions of little kids. This show is very great and not just stupid mindless violence. You can refer to me as Spova Lover. p.s. Spova is the monkey couple in this awesome show. so blah.
Teen, 16 years old Written byDragon Ninja April 9, 2008
Teen, 13 years old Written byyeclek April 9, 2008

Best show I've seen

Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!(SRMTHG) is a one of a kind show that you cannot find very often. The mild violence is often offset by humor. The writing is amazing, and the plot is often simple but exciting. At times it can be confusing, but that makes it more interesting. SRMTHG is a phenomenal show with extraordinary characters.
Teen, 16 years old Written byHikaru April 9, 2008

Bring on the good stuff!

Contrary to popular belief, SRMTHFG is a great show all around. The violance is minumal at best, and the plot does NOT center around, and I quote, "shooting at things and blowing them up." No, there are other factors in this show as well. The plot can keep kids intertained for days (I'm a teenager. I should know). Also, the main character Chiro is more, for lack of a better word, human then most cartoon characters. He's also not some chiche superhero. He's just a normal boy: living with five robot monkeys that do NOT rip off the Power Rangers! It's cute! It's fun! It - dare it say it - ORIGINAL! GASP! It's safe for kids, and that's what matters.
Teen, 13 years old Written byPureHeartMonkey April 9, 2008

What does that review say?!

Whoever wrothe the main review needs to get their facts straight. There is minimal violence, good huor and it does teach lessons. Why anyone would dis this show is beyond me.
Teen, 13 years old Written byAcid Cat April 9, 2008

Mindless drivel? I should think not!

I think I speak for the entire fandom following SRMTHFG when I say this CommON(Off)Sense Media review barely scratches the surface. The entire review fails to get anywhere past the show title. The show has a deep, yet easy to follow well-writen storyline and well rounded charcters. Who would have thought the main hero is afraid of clowns and the female lead can't stand the cold at all? The entire concept is, I beg to differ, but FAR more origial than the Powerpuff Girls. I mean, come now, cyborg monkies that save the universe from the Dark One worm vs. Three kindergarten supergirls. I think this show is better than what you give it credit for.
Teen, 15 years old Written byPIANOLOVER116 April 9, 2008