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This is amazing but there is a lot of sexual violence but hondo is a great role model for people who might want to be the police swat or army.

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Great role models
Too much violence
age 13+

How is this show so politically correct???

Hondo the main character treats every white person as a racist jerk and complains about them even though he got promoted just because he is black. Brooklyn 99 is great at this they are able to describe the racial injustices that officers of color face presently and in the past but they still stay true to the plot. The episodes that they are on missions are fun actions however inaccurate. season 1 is pretty good season 2 is horrible I like how they have people from the LGBTQ community but honing in on the threesome is a bit much when you just want to watch badasses. season 3 is very complex and I recommend that you watch 1 first. I was disappointed by the Drama it is like 99% percent politically correct and 1% badass swat. Hondo is so hypocritical in the way he treats his squad. The violence is pretty low though it talks about serious subjects, teens should be fine with. Common Sense over militarized the show it in the summary they have they dont have a tank they have an armored personnel carrier and they do have lots of resources because they are LAPD SWAT they have some technology that is very inaccurate "sound gun" come on but they commonly use things that a regular SWAT team would use. "Enormous Guns" the guns are in 5.56 a averaged sized gun. If you are ok with them pushing an extremely politically correct agenda fine but otherwise stay away form this show.

This title has:

Too much sex
age 18+


Both my grandparents like this show. This is very violent.

This title has:

Too much violence
age 15+