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Animated charmer features positive messages -- and farts.
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Parent of a 3-year-old Written byMarc F. January 13, 2019

Beware of the Tayo movie on Amazon Prime.

Everything said here about the TV series “Tayo the Bus” is true, and we think it’s a great show for our 3 year old (and he loves it). However, there is a movie available on Amazon Prime (not sure about elsewhere) called The Tayo Movie - Mission Ace. It had a LOT of violence, cars with machine guns shooting at each other, firing missiles at each other, and firing missiles at helicopters (which were shooting back with machine guns). There were “bad guy” characters, too. Very different from the TV series. There isn’t a separate listing here for this movie, so I wanted to warn everyone who might think it’s a longer version of the TV episodes.
Parent of a 2-year-old Written bymisterinvisible June 30, 2019

Mostly harmless

This show is fun 98% of the time, but the occasional fantasy episodes about Tayo and his friends fighting giant robots are very out of place. Be sure to read the synopsis before showing and episode to your kid. Mine is now terrified of the “big robot” that was literally beating up Tayo. He still wants to watch the show, but reminds us not to show him the big robot.

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Violence & scariness
Parent of a 2-year-old Written byDenise R. March 1, 2017


My toddler loves this show. Its in her top 3 of shows on Netflix. The problem is the characters say "huh?" Way too much and they even say it when its not appropriate in the line of conversation to say it. Its like they are deaf. Can they please limit the "huhs?" Its only teaching kids to say it instead of trying to respond intelligently. This is the prime age if language learning and huh is a bad example for them.
Adult Written byCera B. January 29, 2017

My son fell in love with it!

It's great for anyone who loves buses! My son started watching it at three, and he's drawing all the little buses now! It has pretty good messages as well. This past year has been nothing but Tayo and Curious George. At least in Tayo, they don't speak incoherently which then causes kids like mine to talk like that. Lol

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Adult Written byILOVEFARTS23 March 17, 2016


While it focuses more on life skills and less on 123/ABC basics, my boy (now 2) and I both like it. My son fell in love with the wheels on the bus song and of course loved Tayo. The writing and names of the characters change a little season to season, but that is the only real technical problem I have with it. If your kid likes busses like mine, they'll love Tayo!

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Adult Written byColin M. December 28, 2020

Some really bad messages

I liked how it is a girl who is the mechanic and in charge of the bus station, so I watched the first episode with my 4yo daughter, but I couldn't even finish it.

The gender-normative messaging is everywhere. The girl has super skinny long legs and wears ridiculously short skirts. There is a female car who doesn't get chosen because she isn't a nice colour (kind of a light brown, which my daughter also happens to be!), and is only happy when she gets her colour changed to pink! I feel like this show has missed the last 40 years of trying to create positive female role models and is completely tone deaf. Whatever other positive messages there might be were overwhelmed by these bad ones for me.
Adult Written byJkujo1416 November 24, 2020

Show is okay. Movie is crazy violent.

Tayo the TV show is a sweet, unassuming television program that is suitable for most toddlers. My husband, knowing that my kids loved the show, decided to play the movie after finding it on Amazon Prime. Huge mistake!! I walked into the room only to find the characters at all-out war with each other, guns blazing!!! It was drastically different from the show. I messaged Common Sense suggesting they list a separate review for the movie and the failed to do so. Just be warned that the movie is next-level crazy...and not in a good way.
Adult Written byDaLi1732 November 15, 2020

Awful, weird, subliminal messages

The show is weird. A lot of strange giggling and voices. For example in one episode, a bus that Tayo meets sounds like he is on drugs and I believe is subliminally teaching kids that weird strangers can be trusted and invited to your home. I don’t like this at all and as soon as I heard this I removed from my 2 year old’s viewing. By the way, I am a teacher if it means anything.
Adult Written byPranayamaj October 9, 2019

My toddler loves Tayo !

I love this little cute bus that has touched my sons heart. I’ve watched the show a few times with my toddler and I highly recommend ! This show is educational it teaches safety, friendship , making good choices, persistence , and many more ! This show is great! I wish we had tayo books and games/toys in America !

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Parent Written byClaire H. April 11, 2017

Not my favourite

But my 2 yo seems to like it. She does like buses though.

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Positive Messages