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Parent of a 8 year old Written byIlliniguy34 September 30, 2013

Teen Titans Go is the worst thing ever made

It is unfunny, disrespectful to the original source material, and treats it's audience like morons. Kids aren't stupid, especially THIS stupid. Nothing works for this show, it sucks. There was one episode that teaches kids that pranks are hilarious, even when your friends get killed by them. Stay as far away from this as possible. If you see your kids watching it, turn the tv off and make them do chores or homework. Simple as that.
Adult Written byApolitical989 April 27, 2013

For the casual fans, not for the hardcore

I felt the same way as having Young Justice cancelled, but in the end, WB Animation is trying to please us as they could. Fortunately, as a fan of the original series, I gave this a try. When you watch it the second time, it's not going to make you laugh hard. I mean, like others said, the animation lacks castshadows and the content wasn't that great. The best part is that the original cast reprise their roles. Keep in mind that this isn't for the hardcore fans. I always love the original because it still has the humor and the drama. The first two 11 minute episodes will be explained and beware the spoilers: The Legendary Sandwich/Pie Bros - Okay, The Legendary Sandwich started out that Raven likes Pretty Pretty Pegasus, an obvious parody of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic which Tara Strong (Raven) voiced in as Twilight Sparkle. So, the rest of the Teen Titans besides Raven are looking for the ingredients for the sandwich. Robin ends up at the supermarket which includes the typical humorous part of waiting, Starfire ends up in some planet to find a tomato, Beast Boy ends up underground to get the lettuce while Cyborg is at some lava lake to retrieve a bacon. In the end, Silkie ate the sandwich and spits it out. The only best part that made me laugh is when Robin waiting at the supermarket. The rest is silly and became quite a nuisance. Starfire cares about her hair? That's really not quite like her before. I know that the true Starfire really does not care about her hair. The jokes remain there, but the rest... I don't know. Pie Bros started out when Beast Boy drew a picture for Cyborg's birthday. The whole gang were at Mother Mae Eye's pie shop, so they hung out there while Raven lost her appetite. Cyborg wanted a new video game for his birthday and Beast Boy ends up with a job to earn extra cash for it. He tried many jobs, but started working for Mother Mae Eye instead. At the party, Cyborg as well as Beast Boy started fighting with pie and reconciled after. However, the other three Titans were captured by Mother Mae Eye to make pie out of them, then came out back alive after some remains of them being eaten by Cyborg and Beast Boy. In the end, Mother Mae Eye is captured, Robin, Starfire and Raven are alive. Cyborg and Beast Boy... wow. They didn't realize it's really people inside the pies. Pie Bros? Still, people call friends, bros? Whatever happened to brah, brother, lad, holmes or homie? The Duck Duck Goose game Starfire made up looks a big screwy moment. Funny thing is I remember that this "getting a job" plot is similar to when Beast Boy is trying to get a moped of his own, but started working in a Meaty Meat fast-food restaurant that is being actually made out of space tofu. This episode wasn't cut up in being good or bad. Cyborg isn't crying like a man while Beast Boy cries like a drama queen. Seriously? Unfortunately, after watching this twice, I realized the writers aren't trying hard enough. Seeing Beast Boy doing janitorial work made me chuckle, but Cyborg laughing hard at Beast Boy made me laugh along. I'm only reviewing the first episodes, but when I get to the season finale, I'll give out a full-fledged review. So far, the first two wasn't as much, it's just definitely for the casuals. The fans of the original cartoon aren't expecting this and I am trying to be unbiased as possible. Right now, don't judge too quickly. Score: 3/5
Adult Written byidac July 3, 2015

Why butts i thought it was a kid show

I hate teen titans go because they are always shaking their butt and everything has a butt. Why does a cartoon need a butt. I though it was a kid show. Its not funny. I don't find it funny at all. Why they have to twerk and have a butt.
Parent Written bymomoftwokids March 6, 2015

Disappointing, violent show

The characters are sassy and regularly bully each other. There is a lot of physical, gratuitous violence (examples: a character removing his own limbs until only his head remains, throwing things at each other, attacking a villain until his teeth fall out). NOT funny. The show completely lacks positive role models and messages despite what others may say. It is an inaccurate representation of the original show and makes fun of it. This is not something I want my 7-year-old to watch and emulate.
What other families should know
Too much violence
Parent Written bylezmatos August 3, 2015

not a very good show.

This show isn't very positive nor is all that funny. Most children shows show that reading and being active is good. But this show shows the opposite to children! One episode teaches children that reading is bad and dangerous,its good to be stupid and that watching tv and being lazy is so much better. In most episodes it also shows and teaches that violence is always the answer.What happened to the shows that had educational value? What happened to the shows that taught children good and positive lessons?
What other families should know
Too much violence
Parent of a 8, 9, and 9 year old Written byOhHeyGirlll August 1, 2013

Not off to a good start...

I knew going into this it wasn't going to be anywhere near as good as the original Teen Titans TV series. But it's a direct follow-up to it and character motivations, back stories, etc. have been scrapped in favor of weak jokes. Some will compare this to the Looney Toons show. I don't blame them for the comparison as that show is extremely polarizing, but I'd like to add that The Looney Toons Show does a few things right from time to time and does have more hits than misses in my opinion. Teen Titans Go! is the exact opposite. On it's debut episode it made me laugh all of one time (the joke where Beast Boy gives Cyborg his drawing for a Birthday Present in the middle of an argument and a pie fight). The show is corny as all get out and it was almost physically painful to watch Raven be a fan of a My Little Pony clone (get it?? Because she's all dark and broody, she shouldn't be playing with those!!) Some might call me pessimistic and judging the show prematurely based on one episode. Maybe I'm just a loser who can't get over the fact that it's not like the show it's following up to and I can't handle change. My rebuttals are as follows, I've read the Teen Titans comics (Which are very different from the show) and I didn't mind the changes they made for the 2003 series. I'm judging it harshly from the first episode because that is the episode they decided was good enough to be the debut episode to the series, the introduction and the episode that's supposed to pull you in and make you want to see the next one. I can tell there's not going to be any established continuity from episode to episode so if this is the episode they want everyone to see's doomed to fail. They took Young Justice off the air for this garbage people, if you have never seen Young Justice you are doing yourself a complete disservice by not watching it. Do me a favor and watch that series, then come back to Beastboy and Cyborg singing a song about Pie and tell me why it's a good idea that this show is on the air now instead. In summation, I'd recommend skipping this show and signing every petition you can to bring Young Justice back on the air as well as giving Teen Titans a proper follow up.
Adult Written byBatboyEXE October 12, 2014

Teen Titans Go? Yes, Go. GO FAR AWAY!

This Show is not only an insult to the original Teen Titans show, it's an insult to comedy. the characters are almost completely unlikeable (I think the only 2 tolerable (not good, but tolerable) characters are Starfire and Raven) the jokes are very rarely funny, even then just barely, and in all honesty, if you're a parent and you show this to your kids YOU are insulting their intelligence. Seriously 2 of the characters go back in time just because their friends had responsibilities and in another episode annoy everyone by saying waffles (which was so annoying EVEN THE SHOW SAID IT WASN'T FUNNY) This is the kind of show where everyone involved are too good to do this. This is basicly that Pinkey and the Brain spinoff with Elmira, only even worse.
Educator Written byFun watcher May 22, 2014

Fun that goes too far

As much as I love Teen Titans Go! and the original, I found TTG encouraged bad behaviour. At the end of most episodes the Titans benefited from being cruel or cheating, never learning their lesson. Not every show has to have a happy ending, but when you are gearing the colours and humour to a young audience, impressionable young children would be getting the wrong message if they don't understand the irony. For example, in the episode Artful Dodgers, the Titans lose, so they cheat and ultimately win. The saying "cheaters never prosper" is employed, but in the end it is proven untrue. Funny and ironic for older children, but not appropriate for anyone who doesn't know any better.
Adult Written byKanemori August 29, 2015

Please don't endorse this.

I feel like CN gave us the middle finger. It literally hurts that much to watch even one episode of this horrible show. As you might have guessed, I was a huge fan of the original. It had emotional moments, REAL comedy and all the makings of an addictive superhero show. I accept that its dead and gone and I wouldn't care so much if this show at least stayed sometwhat true to the original and had good messages for the little ones. It doesn't. The most notable is Robin. He went from a serious leader to a manic depressive , stupid fool who it would give me great pleasure to harm several times over and he isn't even real. Beast boy and Cyborg were the cliche goofy buddies and here they're just really lazy idiots. Cyborg had a great work ethic in the original and beast boy was only occasionally way off topic as the comic relief. Starfire basically retains her personality. Trigon? He's a sitcom father. That said, Kids can't learn anything from this.It's a bunch of slapstick. These characters do horrible things to each other including pranks that result in death, brutally overcoming another superhero out of jealousy(Happens twice) Wiping the memories of fellow team mates and lying to them to be borderline worshiped by them. Casting a spell to make everyone else dumb so you'll be smarter by comparison. Are any of those things characteristic of a team? How about a team of superheroes?? None of these things are what the original Teen Titans would do and the one time Robin did pose as an enemy was addressed and discouraged. It's not that this show doesn't try to put messages in it for kids such as eating a balanced diet, but they undermine each message they teach in the end. For instance when the Titans eat too much meat, with the exception of beast boy, they become too fat to fight the miniaturized and completely retarded versions of the villains they usually do , so beast boy introduces veggies into their diet and they eat nothing but that for awhile. They eat so much veggies that they turn green and it turns out that a giant alien carrot has beamed messages into their minds and was making them eat veggies the entire time,so the only cure is to go back to their sluggish meat obsessed selves. There are also several episodes in which the main characters die, a book themed episode that kills its own message by never introducing a library, and completely demonizing analysis, although it saves their lives at the end because "Reading was made boring"Don't let your kids watch this. They won't learn anything aside from how to make people wish they were dead or how to be a completly unlikable jerk.
What other families should know
Too much consumerism
Adult Written byJEDI micah April 25, 2013

Funny remake!

New looks, more funny moments, and simpler animation makes this remake of the original Teen Titans show surprisingly watchable! It focuses less on battles between heroes vs. villains, and more on friendship issues. You're not likely to find any other superhero series that actually focuses on these types of scenarios that kids can copy for their every-day situations! So parents, this is a good pick for your superhero fanatic kids!
What other families should know
Too much violence
Adult Written by0002fj September 30, 2015


Do not watch this show at all. It teaches nothing good. The original is better than this crap. All I can say is that the plot is just a ton of nonsense. There are absolutely positively no messages that teaches kids. Do not even put this show as a recommendation. If you want to show little kids good shows that teaches them lessons, show them Baby Looney Tunes. Comparing those two shows, Teen Titans Go teaches nothing and has a ton of nonsense. On the other hand, Baby Looney Tunes is kid friendly and teaches lessons in every episode. That is all I have to say.
What other families should know
Too much violence
Too much consumerism
Parent of a 6 year old Written bymarvineileenh June 5, 2016

Bullying isn't for children

I am a regular mom, not strict or over protecting, but I just watched the sports day episode of teen titans and seeing these super hero's bullying and beating up the soccer troll, what are we really portraying ok for our children. My son is 6 and plays soccer. I would be histaricle if he decided it would be ok to beat someone up if he was loosing. This is just crazy for being a child's cartoon
What other families should know
Too much violence
Adult Written bychrisj1 October 7, 2015

Worst CN show currently being aired.

This show is total garbage and is nothing more than a disgrace to animation itself.
Adult Written byDFrew March 1, 2016

Problematic for younger children

Unlike the majority of crank reviews for this show, I really don't care about the quality in terms of adult fans. The real problem with the show is the high level of imitable emotional violence. Since the focus of the program is on comedy and not action, there is a heavy focus on the social and emotional interactions between the characters. This is where the problems begin, as the characters all act in very insulting, uncaring, and mean spirited ways. The character of Robin is shown as being emotionally unstable and is frequently bullied by the rest of the cast. This is played for laughs, and there are never any consequences for the bullying. There is an entire episode where the main characters bully the antagonists on their day off, with no consequences. To a young child this may send the message that it's ok to bully, provided that your target is a "bad person" or that it's ok to tease and belittle your friends. If your child is older and can clearly understand the difference between fantasy and reality, then the show is likely fine as long as they know that they are not supposed to act that way in real life. Otherwise, not the best show for kids.
Adult Written byMoi Bluestar July 14, 2015

Teen Titan Go! Should be Cancel!

I was at the 90's those where the days where good shows appear and inspire so many people to make there own series. I remember when I was a boy when I got out of school the first thing I do is watch Dragon Ball Z, the first time I believe I watch was during the Cell saga or was it during the fight against Frieza. Any way I'm getting of topic. This not a show for any one, not for kids not for grown ups and not for anyone. Teen Titan Go! is a terrible excuse of a show it's not even funny. The art is terrible there was little effort of any sort of imagination. But what really bothers me there no life lesson. The original Teen Titan was funny, serious and show life lesson to our viewers. Teen Titan Go! is the exact opposite of that, books are dangerous, which is better Burgers or Burrito. I swear if I need to hear one more food song I'm going to explode. Teen Titan Go! make me hate waffles! The people making this show, no this crap said they never watch the original Teen Titan. How can you make a spin off if you don't know the original. I pray one day that Teen Titan Go! get cancel and the people responsible would get fired and as for the Teen Titan Go! Universe I hope Larry comes in and destroy that universe so it would never be a part of the DC universe. But that's not all I also like to see The Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, Bobs Burgers every comedian sitcom, even Robot Chicken make of this show when it's cancel.
What other families should know
Too much consumerism
Adult Written byTimTheTVGuy May 10, 2013

Not bad.

This is a funny remake of Teen Titans. It crazy funny. The animation is great too. Kids will love it.
Adult Written byAbyrd May 24, 2015

Silly nonsense, age appropriate

Most of the bad reviews are written by disgruntled comic book snobs. I never watched the original, and I really don't care either. This show is funny, it makes no sense.... but what's the harm? I don't see anything innapropriate for the 5 and up crowd. It's probably more appropriate than Spongebob! Because I always catch little hints at grown up humor that are way above the heads of kids w/ Spongebob. Anyways, my husband and I love it just as much as the kids.... there's nothing like sharing a good laugh with the family. I can assure you that there is no brain rot or bad behavior occurring at our house because of a cartoon show.
Adult Written byTinyToya August 13, 2013

Comical and silly but a definite disappointment from the original...

If you watched the Teen Titans that aired on Cartoon Network a few years ago then you will know all about these characters. They are essentially a teenage superhero gang with a spellcaster (Raven), an animal shapeshifter (Beast Boy), a cyborg (Cyborg), Batman's sidekick (Robin), and an alien fighter (Starfire) that bands together to defeat dangerous foes. In this Teen Titans Go spin-off they are drawn in a more cartoonish fashion and they behave much differently. These Teen Titans are more silly, immature, and wacky. Little kids will love it but older teens may find the show pointless and too ridiculous.
Educator and Parent Written bycarlv January 26, 2015

cant watch it after seeing the old one

The original teen titans series was amazing i have no idea why they decided to make teen titans go a animated joke. I think its silly and not worth watching but for kids who have never seen the old teen titans i understand why they might like it.
What other families should know
Too much sex
Adult Written byJoes31 June 15, 2016


This show is okay,it can make me laugh sometimes but the humor,oh lord.Help me.There are very few good episodes.There is some good messages but no good role models.Some episodes are just gross.The Fart Humor is way to common in Modern Cartoons.
What other families should know
Great messages