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age 10+
Me and my parents enjoyed this That 70s spinoff. It has crude jokes and weird behavior. You may think drug jokes are too much for your child,it's not.(never mentioned what it is I'm still on the hook) I'm 9 and my sister is 7. Greatest spinoff of all time.(couldn't find thumbs up emoji)

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Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
age 16+

Nostalgic for the adults but this is for the new generation.

Look i have to admit , some parts just make you crinkle your nose from the “cringe experience”. But for us who grew up watching and rewatching the show, we gotta admit that seeing character such as Kitty and Red on the screen once again is so nostalgic. Makes me truly happy. I say if you can you can look past the “kid friendly acting” well i call it kid friendly because its more like “hey in your face pay attention to me” just like a Disney show… if you can overlook that well its not half bad. Oh but the new interpretation of the intro , I am not a fan of that… made me tear up a bit. But i think the new generation will enjoy this I enjoy the fact that the kids will have what we had.
age 16+