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Another Backdoor Negative Influence That Evades Parents.

I don't about the actual show as we don't watch it but we're unfortunately forced to watch the first few seconds of the music video "Do What I Want To Do" and yes, the title says it all. In this day and age where we all seem only to have a thread holding us to our children, do we need a television show targeting children and encouraging them to ignore their parents and "do what they what to do"? Listen to the lyrics or watch the video. It's irresponsible to push these anti-values upon our kids! I can keep them from watching the show, but when the commercials for it are every bit as a negative influence as the show, must we get rid of Teen Nick as well?
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age 8+

Poor excuse for a kids' show

This is awful. Why can't there be real people instead of caricatures of people? The kids are ridiculous, and instead of being a "positive affirmation app", the girl is rude, snarky and disrespectful to the adults. The adults are too dumb to function. These are messages I don't want my kids to absorb. This seems to be a trend with all kids shows lately. Why can't the writers be original and write decent, smart kids? Would be refreshing. This isn't worth watching, so the channel changes at our house when this comes on. Still waiting for a decent kid show....
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age 7+
The humor is not the best, but for kids That Girl Lay Lay would be awesome! I really like the show, but sometimes Lay Lay just acts like a tiktokker.
age 12+

Bullying is solved with threats

You only need to watch 5 minutes to see how inappropriate it is for kids. It suggests bullying is solved with threats and name calling, it encourages defying school rules and starting fights.

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Too much violence
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Characters are bad role models, promoting bad morals to kids.

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Too much consumerism
age 3+
Absolutely awful. I’m so tired of these crappy shows that don’t have a plot