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age 12+

This show is wondeful!

I absolutely adore this show and personally disagree with the statement that it might not 'tickle kids' funny bones'. Any young child with an understanding of wit and good comedy will not only appreciate the genius writing of this show but also find themselves bursting out in laughter at many intervals. The programme is funny, generally tame and occasionally educative! I think that all children at the age of 12 with a rudimentary understanding of sex and drugs etc, will be fine with this.
age 13+
Great show. Here in the UK, I'd say this is fairly tame. Swearing is made light of, but sporadic. That's fairly normal I'm TV here. Content varies from people being given a tour of a swimming pool as if it's a house, to Christmas gift exchange with a heroin addict. Massive variation, but reliably funny. Much tamer than That Mitchell And Webb Situation and Peep Show. Slightly more risqué than Brusier.