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Teen, 15 years old Written byGamer Zanfoj May 11, 2014

Great show all round

The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles is a series spread over 3 seasons, one set between I think 1905-1914, the next 1914-1918 and the last 1918-about 1921. Each episode is split into two parts, each about 45 mins long, and they usually have the same theme. I really love this series. I am pretty interested in history, and would learn about this stuff anyway, but they portray characters and situations in an interesting way. I'd seen these for the first time a few years back, and it's really what motivated me to look up many things that I am now interested in. It may be boring for some kids who don't give half a dead rat's ass about history (which is just too bad for them, I might add) and some episodes deal almost exclusively with romance - I didn't enjoy them when i was younger either. But it's a good mix of action and interesting characters and should keep most kids engaged, especially if they are already interested in history. We meet a number of historical characters, such as T.E. Lawrence, George Gershwin, Hemingway, Archduke Ferdinand and many more. As well as all that, the dvd sets have short documentaries on the subjects covered, so it's good for extended interest...
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Teen, 14 years old Written bybibliophile April 9, 2008


I really want to watch the real Indiana Jones movies, but they are really violent, so I'm not allowed. I tried to watch these, which aren't as violent, but stopped watching half an hour into it. It was very boring and there was some swearing, such as d--n and h-ll, pretty much every five to ten minutes. Overall, I didn't enjoy one bit of it.
Kid, 7 years old April 9, 2008