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Adult Written bymmazog April 9, 2008

Great Show - but tricky for child appropriateness

For a reality show, probably one of the least objectionable for child content. Some usually minor language, minimal physical violence, and minimal sexual content. The worst part is the verbal abuse between members of the teams or between the actual teams. Some contestents are very verbally abusive. Also of note, with each season, the verbal abuse / language / sexual content / product placement seems to get a little worse or more graphic due to casting or editing. For kid appropriateness, this is hit and miss .... some episodes are very clean, while others are a little more concerning.
Parent of a 9 and 11 year old Written byqtnn April 3, 2011

Interesting competition with appropriate lessons

Best reality series aimed at adults. Competition is challenging, interesting, with good locations. Very little soap opera and personal drama/tantrums *usually* have appropriate consequences.
What other families should know
Too much consumerism
Great messages
Adult Written bydcatch April 9, 2008

Great Show

I watch it with my kids all the time. Most, if not all, of the language it bleeped out, it is exciting and the kids get to see other parts of the world.
Parent of a 5 and 9 year old Written byBuckyD May 16, 2015

See a little bit of the world as a family

So, we're probably never going to be able to travel around the world with our kids. It's just not feasible with school and work and cost and such. Watching the amazing race as a family sort of serves as a way to show our kids that the world is bigger than the suburbia they live in, and while we live in a pretty diverse suburbia, there is more diversity out there. The 9 year old girl has watched this show since she was about 5 and loved it, our 5 year old son is bored by it usually. Swear words are bleeped out, there is no real nudity or sexuality to deal with, and aside from poor choices that some teams make during competition there isn't much that is difficult to explain to the kids about human interactions. They're faced with mean and/or self-serving people at school, and BFFs don't always get along in 3rd grade too, so we have a good platform for discussing how to get beyond the issues when people are annoyed with each other or do something to another team to get ahead in the race (e.g. U-turns or not helping out with information). It's just a great lesson in how big and beautiful the world and its people are, without having to be super-wealthy to afford the plane fare.
What other families should know
Great messages
Parent of a 3, 7, and 9 year old Written byNatashaM 1 January 21, 2015

Fans of Season 25

We all watched season 25 together and enjoyed it greatly. Season 26 has paired up people for blind dates, which I am not certain will be appropriate. We loved seeing the different cultures. There is some negative competition, I do not know how others season were or how future ones will be but this season had mild mean spirited competition. My children LOVE Adam and Bethany (Soul Surfers) Bethany has only one arm and is AMAZING. She really shows how amazing people can be. My children were amazed and inspired by her.
What other families should know
Great messages
Parent Written byAKsnowgal March 23, 2011
What other families should know
Too much swearing
Great messages
Great role models
Adult Written byjennycereal May 7, 2009

Our Weekly Family Show

We love this show. My 6 and 8 year olds look forward to it every week. They enjoy learning about the different countries and traditions from those countries. One week, after watching team members struggle with the heat in Thailand, my 6 year old walked around saying, "It is so hot, I feel like I'm in Phuket." I didn't even know that Phuket existed until I was an adult. I will say that this is not a show we let our kids watch independently as there is some squabbling and bickering between players. However, we will stop the show and explain to our girls what is happening and we will use these moments as teaching opportunities to explain to our kids how the contestants could have handled the situations better.
Adult Written byaecdoglover April 9, 2008

Great show, Exciting

This is a great show for the entire family. Viewers learn about geography and different cultures of the world while being entertained. I have no idea why it was rated so high in the csm review. I have been watching this for years and still love it, although the family version was aimed more toward kids.
Adult Written bydodye3lam April 9, 2008
Parent of an infant, 3, and 11 year old Written bygrahamandheather April 9, 2008

Our all time favorite

This show is terrific for geography buffs like us! It is the closest you can come to traveling the world without leaving your house. We have learned so much about so many places. We don't like the catty, mean teams, though, and we prefer it when they focus on people acting in a positive way. They have gotten a little lax about allowing swearing on the show, and my 10 year old son has commented on this.
Adult Written byBusmasterJones April 9, 2008

Amazing Taste?

The geogrpahy lessons are nice, but they are often overshadowed by the social interaction of the contestants. Their is always a homosexual couple on the show and there is typically at least one couple who treat each other very poorly. Some choice words are not uncommon. This show can entertain adults, but keep preteens away from it.
Adult Written bynom April 9, 2008

Armchair aerobics!

A very exciting show--you won't be able to wait to see what happens next. Children under 12 may have trouble with the extreme emotions shown by some participants, and the contestants are not always very nice to one another. Older children can discuss why some participants behaved the way they did, and my family often got into discussions about why people acted certain ways--how stress brings out different behaviors in everyone. There is an element of history and geography in each show that we enjoyed.