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The Carbonaro Effect

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Shocked and disgusted

On season 4 episode 14. It was very inappropriate, when he played Dr and did the balloon trick. Loved loved loved his work up until then. I have grandson's of all ages. I sure as hell wouldn't want the 2 youngest to be watching that shit. Probably not such a good act for national television. Maybe a club but not TV where young children watch. And ALL children love majic. Disgusting. And I'm sure if it made me feel that way, I can only imagine how many other mothers and grandmother's it made feel the same way. No more majic at this nanna's and it's episode 8 not 14 my bad.

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Great role models
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Fun for multiple ages

Clean, fun comedy that the family can watch together. Not boring for adults and it’s fast paced.
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Worst show

Dumbest show on tv and is on for 8+ hours sometimes. Does nothing but show how idiotic people are and gullible. He makes people look stupid and responds with ridiculous answers to their questions.