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No matter what side you are on, the Trump administration will forever go down in history. This Mini Series comments on the early months of the Trump presidency, and FBI Director James Comey. SPOILERS AHEAD: Language: 7/10 Not that much language, but it's definitely present. I'd Say 99 percent of F-Bombs come from Lisa Page. Your kid definitely hears worse things at middle school. Sexual Content: 8/10 Actual Intimacy between characters is not shown. Just when two characters start kissing and laying down it cuts off. HOWEVER, One of Mr. Trumps main concerns is the golden shower leak, and there is a bit of conversation surrounding it so if you don't want your kid knowing what that is, maybe steer clear. Violence: 0/10 No violence throughout. Alchohol/Drugs: 1/10 Champagne can be seen at dinners Positive Messages: 5/10 This film does and does not have positive messages. It's really up to your interpretation of the situation, this review will not go political. One more thing to note: If You are a supporter of Trump, The film obviously has liberal bias and paints trump to be a villain. Just a warning for anyone who is sensitive about the situation.