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Parent reviews for The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

Common Sense says

Prequel saga is tense, violent, and a visual masterpiece.
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Parents say

age 13+
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Kids say

age 11+
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Parent of a 18+ and 18+ year old Written bynuenjins September 15, 2019

Gave me nightmares as a kid. Dark and joyless drivel.

Adult Muppets minus the comedy and a heaping pile of creepy, almost sadist plot. I can't imagine how this joyless series was ever created from that dreary and depressing movie. If there was a demand for this, I never saw it and would have rather forgotten it completely. This is NOT for younger kids and I truly can't imagine why anyone would genuinely enjoy this aside from the mere artistry of it. Don't bother with this just because you used to be a Muppet fan. The Happy Time Murders was a flop and utterly reprehensible as Jim Henson rolled in his grave, and THIS just feels like a fallback franchise to keep the payroll going with Netflix money. No Thanks.
Parent Written byStefan L. September 3, 2019

Nostalgic for me, our 12yo enjoys it, but some nightmare fodder for younger kids

I've watched the first three episodes with my 12-year-old. He really enjoys it. I would say it's too scary for younger kids, so watch it alone before you decide. I disagree with CSM's rating of 9+. This would give my 10-year-old nightmares.

I grew up with the original Dark Crystal by Jim Henson (and Brian Froud as a conceptual artist), as well as it's cousin's Labyrinth and Jim Henson's Storyteller and I'm a huge fan. This series really fits the look and feel of the original, and I love the artistry, design, and puppetry that went into all of this.

That said, if the original Dark Crystal was nightmare fodder for some kids, this is a step or two scarier.
There are several scenes in the first two episodes which are quite intense and downright scary. I'll risk some spoilers to illustrate my point: In Episode 2, one of the Skeksis is punished by the others-- his head is locked in a cage, and they drop in a "Peeper Beetle" which pries open his eye and eats the soft flesh of his eyeball right in the eye socket. You don't see the actual eating, but you hear it (Munch crunch) as he screams in agony. In my mind that was much, much scary than anything in the original movie and disappointing to witness for this reboot. In another scene, a Gelfling (whom we get to know) is tricked by the Skeksis, and they bring her to the lab and drain her essence while she begs for mercy until she dies while they hoot and holler-- you see the whole thing. This is more in line with the darkness of the original. If your child can't deal with that level of scariness, use caution.

These were the scariest scenes that we've seen in the first three episodes--- other scary scenes are more about the intensity and situation.

The show has many entertaining and fun parts too (Go Hup!), and some parts are quite silly. The characters experience ethical dilemmas and must right some wrongs.

This title contains:

Positive role models
Violence & scariness
Parent Written byJaguilar September 4, 2019

Only 1 episode in...

I’m only one episode in but I’m already loving the series. I grew up on the original movie so this was very nostalgic for me.
However, I must say that I was very uncomfortable watching it with my 9 year old. It was very scary. And the situations and imagery are extremely dark. I was also uncomfortable with the sexual innuendos between The main Gelfling couple within the first episode alone. Example. # 1 They reminisce their first time somewhere and how the male Gelfling was nervous and trying to impress her but he was distracted because all he wanted to do was kiss her. The female proceeds to add how she got tired of waiting while images of her shoving him to the ground and mounting him for a kiss.
Example 2. They are both searching through corridors that “all look the same “ according to the male. He says that it’s boring and something towards the effect that he wants to have a little “fun”. The denial says .. “well if it’s fun you want..” and then starts to kiss him. End scene. I personally didn’t feel comfortable watching this with my 9 year old. If this keeps up, I just might “forget” to watch this with him. But I’ll definitely watch it with my husband. As an adult I love it. My oldest (17) wasn’t interested in it so I can’t want it with her.
Every parent is different and every child is different. I personally didn’t appreciate those scenes.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Adult Written byPDK333 September 5, 2019

Very Well Done!

Know your children!!! This show is very dark especially when you have seen original dark crystal (you will know the eventual end!) This show is extremely well done and is really pushing the PG rating a lot! Which isn't a bad thing as long as you know that this is an intense show. There are many deaths shown at full length on screen and quite a lot of blood as well for a PG rating. There is a particular scene that comes to mind that a slave is beaten to death and as you hear muffled screams blood splatters against the wall it is hard to watch even for adults. The quality of the show also adds to the brutality because the puppets are so realistic you will forget they are puppets. But all in all if you have seen the original dark crystal movie you will understand that it is a fairly dark movie so I would take that movies violence multiply it by 3 or 4 and you have The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance!
Adult Written byddiesel September 5, 2019

Great show but can be pretty disturbing

There is no language or sex in this one but it is very dark and creepy stuff happening throughout. There are several stabbings and life draining on screen. Someone commits suicude by jumping off a cliff. Considerable amount of slavery is shown with one species having their mouth sewn shut to prevent talking. A slave is beaten to death with blood spatter shown. A skeksis is shown relieving himself which was pretty disgusting. The skeksis are genocidal so there are lot of casualties both implied and shown.

All in all the objectionable content is few and far between but be aware show has some eyebrow raising moments. Fantastic show otherwise.

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Positive role models
Adult Written byNCMama28 September 11, 2019

Too Creepy!

I loved the original Dark Crystal and was so excited to share this with my kiddo... 8.5 yr old... who did NOT think it was very cool at all. She watched about 1/2 of the first episode, politely told me she would not be watching anymore because it is "too creepy" and she "doesn't like the way it looks". She also isn't really into any violent and likely would have retreated once the scenes became more intense.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Adult Written bysm3 September 9, 2019

Very violent, disturbing scenes & themes

I was shocked to see this available on the Kids section under the 'everyone is watching' heading on my children's Netflix kids account. I stopped my two (7 and 9) clicking on it just in time because it's genuinely very scary, disturbing even. If you're familiar with the original, this is much more violent and disturbing - much more. Even if your children usually take scary stuff in their stride I would urge you not to let them watch this at all if they're still of primary school age. Murder, torture, violent deaths, blood spattering, cruelty to slaves and animals, genocide, nothing left to the imagination really at all. If you have an even slightly sensitive child, don't let them watch this. It's very good, really enjoyable but really for those of us who grew up with the original, not for children. I'm amazed they rated it PG to be honest.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness