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Adult Written bypoetsnger April 9, 2008

Harry Potter Grows and Gets a Job

Plots a little slow and perdictable. But if you like mystery and magic, you'll find these characters entertaining and likeable. Well except the bad guys LOL.
Adult Written bylydia56 April 9, 2008

He's a good guy

The Deresden Files is all about the life of a good guy who tries to do the right thing. The main character, Harry Dresden, is morally a slightly goofy white knight and hero. He protects his friends and saves the damsels. Language is not an issue (yay). I have watched the entire first season and there was only on short scene with adults in bed, one with Harry in a towel (two large towels actually) and another brief view where a woman gets out of bed in underwear. You got the feeling the show was obligated to put something like that in because people today expect it, but the program does not rely on sex to sell. The Dresden Files season started rough but ended well. Overall it's clean, fun, entertaining and the good guys keep plugging away to keep being the good guys.
Parent of a 11 and 11 year old Written byFidgit77 January 18, 2011

Mystery and magic

I like this show personally but it might be a little scary for kids. My boys like the things that go bump in the night so we'll see how they like it.