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A review from a Good Wife viewer.

I subscribed to CBS All Access to watch the Good Fight. Season one was interesting, Season 2; Fair but Season 3 got into the Trump issue to the degree that it ruined the stories. After looking a a few Season 3 & 4 shows I cancelled CBS All Access. I think the Kings should worry about producing a entertaining show rather than producing Political Statements.
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The Good Fight

The show is a great spin-off to The Good Wife and is worth watching. The Good Fight is more graphic than The Good Wife by quite a long way. Swearing is frequent with f**k and sh** being used every episode along with b**ch and more. There is no violence on the show. Sex: There are very infrequent sex scenes with people kissing. In Season 1 Episode 1, a man's bare buttocks are visible. No drug use. Overall, the show is quite mild apart from the swearing.