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The Hardy Boys Nancy Drew Mysteries

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age 7+

Joe, unenthusiasticly , "Frank. Frank. Help me Frank." (As Joe is hanging of a cliff)

This show is all right, but sometimes The plots are boring, you can see right through them. The acting is not very good, especially Joe Hardy's. He acts like nothing is happening when he is being kidnapped or hanging of a cliff. The plots make no sense. Nancy busts open a ring of car thieves. Her first clue? She sees some one holding a radio. REAL suspicious. Nancy, George, Bess, and Ned's characters are not true to the book. Nancy is bossy and mean, George is scared and whiney, Bess is not a scaredy-cat, and Ned.... Oh boy, Ned. Ned is a wimp and wears glasses. He wouldn't punch an old rubber ball if it payed him. Despite all this it is still entertaining to watch, partly because of their mistakes. You should read the books first. The Hardy Boys show is slightly better then the Nancy Drew show.
age 10+

I love them

It's fun for all ages- there's a lot of action and some creepy scenes but overall it's really good and the main characters are good role models.

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