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Mystical animated series plays like "Lost" for tweens.
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Adult Written byGiby J. June 10, 2018

Catching mystery series for kids

Yeah, one of the episodes is full of ice related puns, and yeah, the characters complain about going behind each others butt in the first one; But The Hollow is definitely not a sassy or simple series filled with bad jokes. It has a main, interesting plot, that gives us twists every chapter. Even when the characters might feel like a 'cliché' sometimes, you care for them (and they get into a lot of trouble), and the interaction between them can get different from what we're used to see in similar groups. It's fun for kids, catching mystery for teens and grown-ups too. If you give it a shot, maybe you'll end up watching the full series in a row just like I did, as one of its strenghts as a series is the 25 minutes format, and the 1 click it takes on Netflix to let you watch the next episode and know (or not?) what is going on in this crazy world the characters are stuck at (and so you are).

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Adult Written byNatalie H. June 8, 2018

Too much attitude

I thought the girl was too snarky for the first episode. Also the boy Kai was belligerent and stupid. I can see the characters develop their attitudes as the series goes but three teens alone with no memories in a magic world would not be at each other's throat in the first day.
Parent of a 10 and 10 year old Written byPCpancake June 10, 2018

A pinch of intense + good mystery + skills + role models + funny

My ten year olds had to close their eyes once per episode. But they also wanted to watch the whole series. I had pre-watched the first episode and had very little qualms letting them watch the first episode. Then we watched the second episode together immediately after that. No blood or injuries. Some creepy scenes with intense music and foreboding. The scariest part in the first episode was the devil/mutant/experiment dogs. First you heard them. Then you saw the jaws... then the weird spiky tails, then the chasing. A great use of build up. And that was the scariest part in ep1. We had no regrets after watching two episode. And we look forward to watching more.

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Adult Written bystinow June 15, 2018

Good series, but Netflix rating way too low

It is an enjoyable series. Clearly something new. However, even I as an adult was shocked by the second episode where unknown women transform into evil looking witches. Just looks nasty, even for the the 6(!!) year old rating.
Adult Written byHina W. June 10, 2018

An average show that could've been more...

So I watched this show because it seemed to have an interesting yet cliche plot line and I thought it could have done something a bit more with the typical group of strangers waking up in a different place and find they have to rely on the people they meet to survive and win a competition kinda thing. In some ways it did things differently but in other ways not so much. The characters were a bit grating and not so... Interesting at times but I can't say I'm not completely dissappointed with this show and I'm definitely looking forward to a second season if one is in the works.

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Adult Written byCruz_Control June 26, 2018

Rewatched TWICE

I watched it once myself, and the second with my mum. Probably going to get my younger brothers in it too. I’ll try not to spoil too much. Did not see that ending coming! There are very distinct characters, the art style is different to what I’m used to, but overall it was quite enjoyable. Nice settings throughout the series. There is a good storyline, with plot twists, good character development and with some odd (silly) jokes dotted throughout. They face challenges and question their teamwork/friendship. So, in the end, they overcome their disputes and work better as a team! Some bits are a bit tense or slightly scary, but nothing “horror”. (Esp. The seemingly friendly beings- which are luring Adam and Kai to walk OFF a cliff. It was only a short bit. But that really struck me..!) Overall, quite good! On the second time round, I noticed that there were some clues! In short, a good, unique, hooking series and I’d TOTALLY RECOMMEND!

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Adult Written byqwerty June 28, 2018


I thought it was a great series and you would never except the ending!

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Adult Written bySkyYoYo June 27, 2018

Some mildly creepy visuals

I watched this on my own and loved it. Yes the character Kai is annoying in the beginning but you see him change and I think by the end, I enjoyed him as much as the other two. there are some creepy looking monsters/witches and mentions of death as well as scenes where it seems that a charater has died (but actually has not). I have a 4 year old who LOVES creepy and suspenseful stories with cliff hangers. That being said, he is also terrified of overtly scary things. This show ended up being the perfect compromise to fulfill his love of mystery and suspense without crossing any lines that made me feel uncomfortable and didn't send im to bed with nightmares. That being said-- I realize most children his age do not care for the intense music or creepy monsters. It is not a show I would show to anyone younger than 6 or maybe even 8..unless of course your kiddo is like mine and has a love for the spooky/mysterious/suspenseful. In the end, this ended up being a show my kiddo begged to watch every time he was allowed to watch some TV. It was perfect for my family
Parent of a 5 and 7 year old Written byRaileymedia June 26, 2018

Love this Family Show.

Worth subscribing to netflix. Love the Hollow, great for whole family to watch and enjoy together! This show is funny, adventurous, mysterious, imaginationtive. Love the parental controls on Netflix also.

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Adult Written byryguyrocky August 26, 2018

Favourite show on Netflix!!!!!!!

This is the best show i’ve watch apart from my hero academia!! it’s for all ages (even adults) just because it’s a cartoon does not mean it’s bad. I can’t wait for season 2!¡!¡!¡

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Adult Written bygowan6482 July 31, 2018

The Hollow

I feel like Kai saved Mira many many times. I kinda ship Mira and Kai. my children enjoyed this watching on boxxy software
Adult Written byshelbster22 July 6, 2018

It's like Stranger Things and Lost, but for kids

It was a great show with great voice acting, kept you on the edge of your seat wanting to know what comes next or what happens to the characters if they go home or not.
Adult Written bySelena C. July 5, 2018

A very UNIQUE series

Each episode makes you want to go on further. It's funny, and suspenseful. There are clues and things you have to solve for them to get home. I'm 22 years old and I love this serious because it makes you think and makes you feel like you are inside their world. You do not know what to expect in each episode and that's why it's a great show and a brilliant idea whoever thought of this.

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Adult Written bytomás-esvar June 30, 2018

Bad... Great... Bad...

I think I'll have to go on parts . The beginning was simply bad. The characters were way off balance, Adam was super smug, the girl was ok, but Kai was simply poorly written, he wasn't good at anything and everything he did allways failed, this goes on for a few more episodes, but luckily ends by the fourth one. . From the fourth episode onwards was great, good characters dinamics, the people they met were interesting and really helped move the plot forward, I never got the freaky guy, but it's mostly great. . Then finally I need to talk about the ending, I'll try giving no spoilers but *spoiler* *warning* . I allways supposed that they were were they were, but the last ten minutes after defeating the castle were just horrible, that simply killed all the imertion and didn't catched on with the general feeling. . TL:DR basically it starts with the left foot, a few epidepis later the characters become likable and the plot begins to move forward but the ending it's just worse than lost's
Parent of a 6 and 9 year old Written byCatherine W. June 24, 2018

Great thinking show

My 9 and 6 year old boys both enjoyed this. It was ending enough that I watched the whole thing too. It's like Gravity Falls but a bit more serious... Or alternately, Stranger Things at a 9 year old level. Comparisons aside, a really good mystical show with likeable protagonists and a really engrossing story.

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