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age 12+
I absolutely love this show, its hilarious. I don't let my two youngest (Dawn and Liev, ages 3 and 7 respectively) watch it however.

This title has:

Too much sex
Too much swearing
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age 18+

Great shame that they didn't bleep out all the foul language

Enjoying this series on Netflix but it is spoilt with the fact that not all the foul language is bleeped out, If that had been done it wouldn't have spoilt the funniness of the show. In fact, done correctly it could have actually added the funniness of it. I don't understand why anyone would say that "Language is not a big part of the show, in fact, it's seldom enough" The small amount of foul language is only there because of the lack of writing skill and imagination. Having said the above, I'll continue watching the whole series but as I don't think kids should hear foul language, I wouldn't let my kids watch it. There is NEVER a need for foul language, and if the writers had the skill required, there would be none.
age 11+


Great and appropriate for people over 11

This title has:

Too much sex
Too much swearing
age 10+

Simpsons meets Big Bang 10 years ago...and British

This show is hilarious, started watching it by myself and eventually (a few episodes in) shared it with my kids 9 and 10 (both girls). There is some language (bollocks, f...., c..k), sexual innuendos, most of which just goes above their head. The period episode, they were completely oblivious to the situation, I tried to explain, don't think they got it 100%, but enjoyed it non-the -less. I guess it would depend on your child's maturity level, knowing not to repeat certain words. Language is not a big part of the show, in fact, it's seldom enough, it adds to the humor of the show (my kids giggle and just react like "he said the F word!", we laugh, remind them not to repeat and move on. There aren't a lot of shows both myself and kids can enjoy together, that we can REALLY and truly enjoy. The sexual innuendos are also subtle, in fact, I find the sexual situations on certain network (family) sitcoms way more common and less subtle.