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Cant believe everyone lost there marbles!

Great cartoons to grow up with!
age 13+

the looney tunes show is not for little kids

the looney tunes show is rated TVPG and is not for kids because it has some sexual innuendo lola calls bugs a bad boy when bugs and daffy are chained together bugs asks the police officer how do you explain this chain and the police officer says your personal lives are your business yosemite sam says if theres a tie on the door dont come in at all yosemite sam brings his new wife upstairs with him and in the morning bugs is sitting outside the room and you can hear some moans of happiness it turns out yosemite sam was just trying on gloves lola sits on daffys bed in a sexual manner and in one of the merrie melodies yosemite sam runs outside naked and granny sees him and its very vilonte bugs and daffy are in a near death situation where there blindfolded and are about to get shot with guns bugs is tired of not getting any sleep and plans to murder daffy by pushing him off the roof but is stopped before he could do it daffy uses porky as bowling ball to knock down some pins then later hes seen in a wheelchair and daffy pushes him down the lane again daffy thinks porkys a murderer and it looks like porky is stabbing a girl with a knife in eligible bachelors theres guns in semper lie theres machine guns and in the the shell game cecil turtle plans to kill bugs and porky by shooting them with a gun it has some dark humor like daffy asks for a license to kill and it just has more adult situations like having roomates dating using credit cards and going to the DMV with that being said i dont recommend it for anyone under the age of 14

This title has:

Too much violence
Too much sex
age 12+

Not the Looney Tunes Your Grandma Watched as a Kid

This show is fine for mature tweens and any teen. Warner Bros. changed some characters (e.g., Witch Hazel is now Witch Lezah and sounds like Whoopi Goldberg). The worst word I heard on this show was a misuse of God's name ("Good Lord!" is exclaimed by Daffy)
age 12+

It keeps me in stitches!

This show has got me having to keep my voice down whenever I burst out into uncontrollable laughter whenever I watch it. The jokes are gold and the characters are better than ever! I wouldn't be afraid to start a debate on how I find this show better than the original Looney Tunes. This show is a lot different from the original, and Lola Bunny is actually a character, and not just eye candy. The writers did a good job on including Lola in the "Looney bunch". I think it's great how she acts as looney as Daffy. There is definitely some mature content in this show (sexual innuendos, suggestive material, violence, etc), so I don't think a 6 year old should watch this. Overall this show is great for laughs and there is a bit of educational value at some point. The characters are set in a time where they act like adults and have to face common issues. Overall I give this show a 4/5.

This title has:

Great messages
Great role models
age 4+

Folks, nothing in media has made me want to commit physical harm to myself EVER but this Looney tunes was my favorite show ever

it's the "Looney Tunes" show it's that bad that I'd rather watch bugs bunny be shot on family guy than seen in this show, it isn't funny and it has NO HUMOR, it is also the most unoriginal television show in history of television and half the people that like this show are nostalgia critic fan boys it is not original and is a rip off of every darn sit-com since the 60s another thing I hate about this show are the merrie melodies Elmer singing about grilled cheese? "We are in love" does NOT EVEN RHYME, these songs are so bad that id rather listen to Rebecca black, it made the Looney tunes characters unlikeable bugs is boring daffy is a dim-wit, Sam goes green, Witch Hazel Is now witch Lezah has a sassy black woman accent and gossamer is her son, Lola (as well as every character) is retarded, Tina is not even an original but she is a main character and what is up with the TV-PG rating, if you want to know ONE CN show that deserves to be TV-PG I know one, it is Regular Show... even if this show were original it would STILL be one of the worst shows ever, the only good thing about this show is that it is very forgettable, in other words this is just as entertaining as watching paint dry, and like adventure time and regular show it has a mentally incapacitated fan base that attack people for their opinions, seriously how can you like something that is so BAD, it makes the new family guy episodes watchable. Since the creators put no effort into it I'd give it a MINUS 1/5
age 7+

Rated TV-PG-V; 7+ for kids

TV-PG-V • Violence (slaps, guns, war) I recommend this show for kids 7+

This title has:

Too much violence
age 8+

Comical fun!

Cons: Lola, a dumb bunny that is stereotypical because she is blond, the animation seems weird, added some characters that weren't really needed, dumber plots, some name-calling, skimpy outfits, some character personalities changed, not as good as original. Pros: same characters, funny jokes, not too long, shows often, comical fun, cons go over kids heads, most ages enjoy! 4 stars, It's not so bad and doesn't too many childhoods.

This title has:

Too much sex
Too much consumerism
age 10+

Nice,relaxing remake of a classic cartoon.

The older Looney Tunes were great,but this is even better yet.I always laugh when I watch The Looney Tunes Show.
age 11+

Just as good as the classics!

This is a great show! It is really funny,and has great animation! It is one of the best CN shows of all time.It's up there with Ed-Edd-N-Eddy,Regular Show,Adventure Time,Gumball,and Codename:Kids Next Door.