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Sci-fi violence, real magic in small-screen Star Wars show.
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Adult Written byMad max road warrior May 28, 2020

The Mandalorian Parents Guide

Rated TV-14 for sci-fi action and violence

Sex & Nudity

It's mentioned a male alien species is killed during 'mating'
A character makes a brief remark to The Mandalorian about visiting the "Twi'lek healing baths," although the offer is promptly ignored.
In chapter 6, characters make fun of a seemingly separated couples sexual relationship and make mild suggestive references. When they found out baby yoda was found in the mandalorians ship, one character remarked, "Did you two make this?". Other than that there's nothing else remotely inappropriate.

Violence & Gore

We see a man get cut in half. The action happens off screen, but his legs are seen briefly after it occurs
The more graphic violence is completely off screen or cleverly hidden.
Not very violent, but probably still a bit more violent than average Star Wars. There is no blood or gore, but some of the deaths are pretty brutal. These including being burned to death, being cut in half, a hammer being smashed into a stormtroopers face (all you see is helmet fragments flying through the air), lots on standard Star Wars blaster shooting.
The mandalorian has a rifle and shoots another man. The man is instantly disentigrated
Stormtroopers are shown with half-blasted off helmets as they lay dead. In another scene, the Mandalorian burns a Stormtrooper alive. We see the Stormtroopers burnt head afterwards. However, it is mostly covered by his helmet.
The Mandalorian kills a large animal by stabbing it in the neck. Nothing majorly graphic is shown
Carl Weather's character gets two giant gashes down his arm exposing muscle and blood but Yoda heals him and the wounds close. It's dimly lit so all we see is the cuts. Jawas are shown being disintegrated after being shot by The Mandalorian's rifle. Not graphic.
The Mandalorian stabs a Stormtrooper in the back with a knife. However, the view is shown from the front side and no blood is seen
In the beginning of Chapter 8, the scout troopers punch Baby Yoda for either biting their finger, or because he was squirming too much. This scene is either intense or comical depending on how you feel about it.
The Child force chokes a woman. She is saved however.
A man gets head trauma. Blood is seen on a woman's hand after she checks his wound.


"Hell" is said 4 times. And the term "wise ass" is used once. "Bastard" used once.
Bastard is used once.
Pretty much no profanity
One use of the word s*** in the 6th episode.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

While trapped in a prison there is an alarm accompanied by strobing lights. This may affect photosensitive viewers. Since this is the story of a bounty hunter, there will be more violence than in the Star Wars movies.
Episode 1 - scenes of a sudden attack by the Mandalorian to the people in a bar. He kills them quickly with minimal violence.
Episode 1 - The Mandalorian and a Bounty Droid have an intense and sudden fight with some enemies near the end of the first episode. This is intense, but with no blood.
A child is aimed at by the sniper of a bounty hunter. While the bounty hunter misses and the child is unharmed this scene is still intense.
Kuill is killed by troopers at the end of episode 7. We see a shot of Baby Yoda laying on the ground, to be later picked up by a trooper on a speeder bike. Then we see a shot of Kuill's dead body lying face-down with his dead Bluurg lying beside him. The episode ends after that
A Scout-Trooper punches Baby Yoda. You hear Yoda scream.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Some of the Mandalorian's bounty transactions occur in a bar. Alcohol is mentioned
A character suggests to the protagonist that they should buy some "spice" (an implied drug in the star wars universe) and soon he'll have forgot everything that happened.

my personal opinion on what the show should be rated is TV-14 for sci-fi action and violence brief suggestive content implied drugs and brief language

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Positive role models
Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Parent Written bynuenjins November 13, 2019

Goes for gritty but with cartoonish execution. Mediocre show with great CG effects.

Take away it's big budget and it's..... just OK. The "hero" is pretty dry, aloof, and with generically "Clint Eastwood" wannabe vibes. Mildly comical elements are involved, but the overall serious tone also lacks any truly likable personalities thus far. With a sorely needed, convincing and /or charismatic lead role of a Han Solo calibur as a lead character, for now we walk away with this 'blank slate' video game personality that lacks anything compelling outside his immediate surroundings. Therefore, with the upcoming Jedi Fallen Order video game story already looking to be the best writing in this Universe in years, this show needs to lean in and step up it's game to compete with a much higher bar set than this initial offering.

At one point in the show, the action logic is so cartoonish and laughably convenient (ala The A-Team) that it almost nullifies the entire effort. If Mandalorian is to be more than a nostagic trip with Boba Fetts helmet as the main character, there needs to be more innovation, personality and "real" peril that doesn't simply retread old ground with generically rebooted contrivancies that just look like old action figures.

Nostalgia gave Force Awakens a pass, but we've seen what happens when you pander to audiences and then just start "sticker slapping" shows and scripts with a famous logo, especially when the scripts are on the level of glorified fan fiction. The movies have become a divisive mess whilst still milking the Millenium Falcon for familiarity, and if your best actor and most compelling character is a got problems. Hopefully, Fetts' helmet won't prove the same here.

So far, Disney has treated Star Wars like another one of their completely underwhelming, live action remake movies from past cartoon releases. This may be their last chance not to make it all go the way of The Muppets. Remembered but mostly uninspired and irrelevant.

RIP Luke Skywalker, I think it was the green milk that truly killed him, or the symblematic implementation thereof.

UPDATE: The Baby Yoda fad and Bill Burrs cameo are giving the show some personality and traction, hopefully it becomes more meaningful over time and not turned into a live action cartoon show. The fact that the producers have been involved in the animated Star Wars shows still leaves me cautiously skeptical. 'Nuff said.
Parent of a 11 and 11-year-old Written byPCpancake November 12, 2019

Great for Star Wars fans 9 and up! but not for all kids 9 and up

I loved The Mandalorian! It is a show about a bounty hunter whose job it is to bring people to those that pay the bounty - sometimes alive, sometimes dead.
There is lots of shooting and people and aliens getting blasted.
In one scene, a rope is used to drag someone into a doorway and they are cut in half on purpose. The actual cutting is not shown, but the effect is clear.
I clicked "great role models" because the main star clearly has a no killing children motto.
My children do not like the star wars style of violence and feel it is too creepy (give them time) but most children who are SW fans will also love this.
I cannot wait for more episodes!

This title contains:

Positive role models
Parent of a 11, 14, 16, 18+, and 18+-year-old Written byKristicoolj December 9, 2019

Rating changes to TV-14-- Get's very violent.

The first two episodes of this show are rated TV PG. There was lots of shooting, but it would probably be okay for a tween. The third episode gets even more violent and as we started to watch the fourth we noticed that the show had changed to TV-14. I am so disappointed. All of the children are dying to know what happens to Baby Yoda, but the show has become extremely violent. Children under 14 will want to continue watching this and they will see the violence over and over again desensitizing them to murder. There is shooting, burning, punching and killing through most of the show- with very little story line. The fights are much more violent than just shooting Storm Troopers. Be aware before you start this series.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Adult Written byJdhdhxh37737 March 17, 2020

Very inappropriate

This is a violent inappropriate tv shows with blood and guns. Definitely not for children.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Parent of a 5, 10, and 10-year-old Written bysilwuttke November 26, 2019


Very good TV show my husband and 10 year olds watched it. But includes Sci-Fi violence (which includes murder, crimes, and gun-shooting throughout), some language there is multiple used of hell in th 4th episode and a*s, s**t, and b**tard in the 6th episode. Also has creepy-looking creatures that can scare young children.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Adult Written byBrolo December 22, 2020

This is the way.

The Mandalorian is a brilliant addition to the Star Wars universe; I went in with high expectations, and was not disappointed. The plot is exciting and relatively easy to follow, the characters are interesting, the special effects and creatures are superb, and I always found myself craving for the next episode as soon as one had finished (I actually watched all 16 episodes in 3 days). And to top that off, The Child (commonly referred to as Baby Yoda) may be one of the cutest faces on TV. Honestly, he's just adorable. I would recommend some basic knowledge of the Star Wars universe to fully appreciate The Mandalorian, but regardless, it's a brilliant show. If you're a fan of the films, The Mandalorian is an essential. So is it worth a Disney+ subscription? Absolutely. 9.5/10.
Adult Written byRenee W. December 13, 2019


The first 5 had no bad language at all but this one had “b———-d”, “h—-“, and 2 more. Even before the language the movie is only “ok” but we watched it because it was clean.

This title contains:

Adult Written byInquisitiveGuereza January 19, 2021

Started well initially as a lone "man with no name" character but devolved into generic team player

I loved the initial early vibe of this series, tapping strongly into the Sergio Leone "Man with no name" series of western, but set in space. A lone bounty hunter collecting dangerous bounties. But the show sadly quickly devolved into the tired formula of generic Disney team-player buried beneath a crowd of other generic characters, with scenes of copious nostalgia bating. I hope they bring the show back to what it started out as.
Adult Written byAffected December 22, 2020

Lame attempt to recreate Lucas.

Disney has destroyed star wars. Disney is just trying to piggy back off Lucas and stretch out another legacy just like Harry Potter. It’s done. It’s over. Come up with something new. If Disney is so great then how about producing some great minds like Lucas or Tolkien or Lewis? Stop pretending to create by stealing the origins.
Adult Written byAnisha L. November 19, 2020

The Mandalorian

This Is a great movie love it. Although it does have too much violence for kids under 10.

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Positive role models
Violence & scariness
Adult Written byMr. Best Reviews October 18, 2020

Amazing Disney+ series is fun for 9 and up

9 and up will do. And 4 stars is a good rating. This show is not too bad, but some violent scenes.

This title contains:

Positive role models
Violence & scariness
Teen, 14 years old Written bymhood May 25, 2020

The Mandalorian

An excellent TV series. Maybe for people who have watched the other star wars flims not just anyone. Some mild language and violence but nothing that will scare people, especially when you have Baby Yoda/The Child in it.
Adult Written byjackiecane March 2, 2020

Family-friendly for nerdy types

Geeky families will enjoy this one. It has something for everybody. The characters are genuinely interesting (a Mandalorian bounty hunter! A woman from Alderaan who fought in the battle of Endor!) and the story is simple but engaging. It’s a universal story about forging family bonds in unexpected ways, with a positive message about compassion and protecting the helpless. There are some of your typical Star Wars moments like battles with large creatures, but even my young (4 years) son wasn’t bothered by it and particularly loved seeing The Child save the day. Girls will like this one in particular since there are TWO very cool female characters!

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Positive role models
Parent of a 18+-year-old Written byJoshua H. February 29, 2020

Some of the best Star Wars we've gotten since "Rogue One!"

A bit violent, but no more so than the sequel trilogy films (and no where near as violent as Revenge of the Sith.") Fantastically made show with great practical effects, a compelling story, and fun characters. Bravo Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau!
Parent of a 5, 8, and 10-year-old Written byVemnox January 22, 2020

Tame Star Wars Action

Look, if your kids already watch Star Wars this is more than fine for them. The show is good, if not disjointed but is still a show pop culture demands you watch.
Adult Written byChristy.Miller January 9, 2020


The first 5 chapters are great however chapter 6 has language. So the remaining episodes do not have language though.

This title contains:

Adult Written byMrsreview December 29, 2019

Mild cussing. Violent

Episode 5 says “Hell” and episode 6 has “wise a**” and “bas****”. This is as far as I’ve gotten in the season. My younger boys aren’t bothered by the violence but I’m sure most younger kids might not be able to handle it.
The suspense that something is going to jump at moments is pretty high. Wouldn’t be good for kids that have high anxiety.
There is no gore but there is a moment where it shows bloody clone soldiers masks hanging on sticks that could be rather scary.
Overall-my kids love the baby Yoda and it’s suitable for them to watch.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Adult Written byjacob84 December 28, 2019

Cartoonish violence, but overall very approachable. Clone Wars are way darker.

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Adult Written byThe Lion Guard 88 December 22, 2019

This show is by far very cool