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Adult Written byRecessGymClass2 November 25, 2016

A big step down from the book series, which I grew up with.

I did not like this show. The theme song was annoying, the animation was lazy, the voice acting was bad, the characters were also annoying (they were at least funny in the books, and the original TV series'), and the show was pretty boring. Not really funny in my opinion either. I'm not shocked that the show only lasted 2 years and got cancelled.
Parent Written byfino April 15, 2014

Does anyone agree? How is his aprpriate?

Outrageous. As these nightmare-giving creatures emit horrible and misleading "lessons", their laughs are just wicked and cruel. My three year-old child would would be scared-until-fainting. Their look is brutal. Especially Mr. Messy, which looks like a pink, scribble rather than a pleasant figure. OUTRAGEOUS
What other families should know
Too much violence
Too much swearing
Educator and Parent of a 7 year old Written byhoku989 June 20, 2010

Read the books first, then watch the shows

My 7 year old just discovered the books and loves to read them so finding a show about the books just makes it more entertaining. Since we spend a good deal of time discussing the scenes in the books, I am not worried about the 1 dimensional aspect that it has. My son's favorite character is Mr Bump.
Parent of a 9 year old Written byYESH November 1, 2009

Season 2 is more coarse than season 1.

Did anybody hear Mr. Quiet say "uyghhhhh...what..the..crap" in the episode sand and surf
What other families should know
Too much swearing
Adult Written bycookie123 January 19, 2009
Adult Written bymamaKim April 9, 2008

from book to cartoon

As a person who grew up reading about these charcters in the books I was excited to see there was going to be a cartoon with them. It's great to see them making a comeback with new characters, books and now a fun cartoon which I love.
Adult Written byAlexis7 April 9, 2008

A waste of my 1,2 and 4 year olds time

What can I say but it already wasted enough of my family’s time. Many other quality shows to watch for my children.
Parent of a 1 and 5 year old Written bymelindam15 April 9, 2008