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Adult Written bykimzim April 9, 2008

marriage farce

The language and sexual representations of traditional marriage were not appropriate. Weddings between men are not funny.
Adult Written bykward April 9, 2008

stupid show

What a shame that you guys can't come up with a story line with out the attitude.... So the reason behing this show is to teach the kids to have a smart mouth and no respect for parents. I think the idea for the show was a great one until I watched it a couple of times and saw how bad it really is. I have a kid in the house with great look out on life. Don't need your kind of show in his life. Sorry kids you stink!!
Adult Written byNBBFanSite August 30, 2010

The show is good for tweens (and even some teens!)

The show may remind adults of 'The Monkees'. The show, which by the way "delivered Nickelodeon's highest-rated premiere in seven years", is a phenomenal musical family production (which is made by a REAL family!) The show is a family clan project, depicting the real musical talents of prodigious brothers Nat & Alex Wolff, who write, perform & sing all of their own music. The boys' mom, actress/writer Polly Draper, who was part of the ensemble cast on ABC's 'Thirtysomething', is the show's runner, creator, executive producer, head writer, and most frequent script writer & director. Draper's husband and the boys' musically acclaimed father, jazz pianist Michael Wolff (band leader of "The Arsenio Hall Show" and worked with tons of musical artists - ranging from jazz singer Nancy Wilson to jazz legend Frank Sinatra), acts as his son's inept father who plays the accordion, is also the show's music supervisor, music producer, and co-executive producer. Basically what Ms. Draper does is that she takes her youngest son's (Alex) quick wits, eldest son's (Nat) songs, and any other encounters and parodies it into a fictional storyline. As the show is a mock documentary (also known as a mockumentary), it spoofs the boys' real musical lives and their band - which they star in with their real childhood friends. Plus cameras follow the boys' everywhere they go - and their's no laugh track either! Mr. Wolff recalls when Nat was young he taught himself how to play major chords on the piano calling them his "proud chords". Also, both boys' take inspiration from the rock-and-roll band, The Beatles (Alex was inspired by Ringo Starr to take up the drums!) After Nat nudged his parents to become a child star, she came up with a wonderful idea; she decided to write and direct a low-budget, independent family project - depicting Nat's band. They entered the film into the Hamptons International Film Festival, where it received the Audience Award for Family Feature Film. Nickelodeon, then, picked it up as a pilot for the TV series.
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Adult Written bysuper1a April 9, 2008


My daughers hate it. I hate it. Its horrible, horrible horrible
Parent of a 6 year old Written bymadsmooney1214 September 4, 2012

the naked brothers band

Families can talk about the characters' relationships. Do any of the relationships within the band resonate with your tweens? Are the band members' lifestyles far-fetched? Tweens, how do you feel about fame? Would you like to be famous, or is it not worth it? Are the characters good role models? Why or why not?
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Great role models
Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Adult Written byAl Jackson April 18, 2012

I can't stand it.

The only reason why I am giving this show a 2 instead of a 1 is that,only Season 1 of it was good.Now,it's just downhill crap,because they started to use corny punchlines.
Parent Written byPlague April 13, 2010

The Naked Brothers Band

Where is GWAR when you need them?
Parent of a 8 year old Written byuusarahmcg September 29, 2009

First two seasons are really good!

The first two seasons of this show were pretty age appropriate for my child. The later one(s?) were over the top with kissing (obviously not just on the lips), crush obsession and inappropriate clothing for some female characters. I love that the actors really do play instruments and write music-most were musicians before they starred in this show. Sooooo much better than Hannah Montana. Dialogue is fairly smart and funny. I think the name of the show turns a lot of parents off before they give it a chance.
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Too much sex
Parent of a 17 year old Written bylove2 September 26, 2009

DO NOT WATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

What other families should know
Too much sex
Parent of a 9 year old Written bydawn330 April 20, 2009

ugh rosalina stop :( :( :( :(

rosalina is soooooo dramatic i think nat should leave her my friend watches this and i saw the last one so far see wants to get back in the band ?1 he should say no she left him thats not right
Parent of a 5, 7, and 9 year old Written bylibwcaution March 18, 2009

Cute Show

I don't think it's really going to appeal to teens (looks like I'm right after reading some of their reviews), but my two daughters (almost 6 and 7) love it. My 9 year old son- not so much. He doesn't hate it but usually leaves the room or finds something else to do when it's on. The girls love the music and the characters. Personally, I think the saga with Rosalina is getting a little old- how many times is she ALMOST gonna leave the band or break up with Nat for good??? But my girls love it and it's right in their dramedy ballpark. We like the style of the show- mockumentary- and the humor is sometimes pretty clever. The acting is terrific; these kids are really talented, and I thought I'd read somewhere that most of the music is actually written by Nat- if true, he's not bad. Sometimes a tad melodramatic and emotional and romantic, but what can you expect when you come from a family of actors and and musicians?
Parent of a 2 year old Written byalinzasmommy2006 December 20, 2008

The title says it all...

do you really want your children watching a show about Naked brothers in a band? I don't care what it is supposed to mean- the show is stupid & pointless!
Parent of a 5 and 7 year old Written bysomthingsomthing November 23, 2008


I gotta say this. This show is nothing but a waste of not only my time but my 2 kids , these kids dont even look like there playing the instruments , and wow what a cry-E little girl those two brothers are. Nick please please take this crappy show off the air so my kids eyes wont bleed when they watch it. Point blank this show suckkks!! i Hate it!
Adult Written bythescreenname November 22, 2008


the show is not good. But their music is good.
Adult Written bydhalfmann April 9, 2008


Concerned about naked name
Adult Written byviktoria004 April 9, 2008


I've watched this show a bunch of times with my nieces and nephews. I think it's great- it demonstrates friendship, is against racism, and helps kids realize the importance of individuality- like in the episode when Alex advertises his look on TV and everyone starts dressing just like him- he freaks out and realizes he doesn't want a bunch of other Alex's around. So he adds some new style to his already stylish look. And in response to their being foul play between a caregiver and alex, everyone knows that kids get crushes on babysitters and teachers at some point in their life. Yes he had a crush on his babysitter but he than met a little girl his age who skateboards and decided to be her boyfriend. Lets not be so judgemental with the show. Kids need the freedom to know their own likes andn dislikes. Hope I helped. Vik
Adult Written byEliMama April 9, 2008
Adult Written bycrystalcave April 9, 2008

Is this the best you could come up with?

I will not let my sons watch this show. We watched the movie and I was amazed at the garbage that was in it. Their "tutor" sounded like an idiot and was hanging out of her clothes.I do not see any need to have a bunch of children running around like mini adults. Children are impressionable and they see these kids acting the way they do without much adult supervision and wonder why they can't do that. Where are these kids parents? They show the boys hanging out in their room with Alex "drunk" on soda. Another kid is supposed to be the bands manager with an adult talking to him as if he really could make any kind of decisions! I don't know any 8 year olds who call girls "chicks" and I am from N.Y. so I have heard it all.I refuse to let my boys watch this show and I am glad that it is on at 8:30 because that is when they go to bed. If it is supposed to be on teen nick then why are they putting it on at 7:30 in the morning? My sons like Zoey 101 and Neds declassified. We watch those together.Oh and a real no brainer on the producers/writers of that show is to show Alex standing up in the limo and being half out of the moonroof. Now THAT'S smart t.v. My son asked if it was ok to do that and safe and I told him "no, it's not but I guess his parents don't care if he gets hurt as long as it makes money." Nice mixed messages in this garbage of a show.
Educator Written April 9, 2008

Breasts are not "Boobies"

I have told my 9-year-old daughter that this show is off limits. I detest Sponge Bob, but at least they don't refer to a woman's breasts as "boobies." It is difficult enough to raise a daughter with self-confidence without demeaning tv shows like this one. The crush-like relationship that you refer to between the adult female and male child is totally inappropriate. If it were an adult male and a female child would you find it as acceptable? Don't let your children watch this show.
Adult Written byRon_in_OH April 9, 2008


Nick's trend of trying to produce hordes of little adult consumers continues with yet another pitiable excuse passing as children's 'entertainment'. Seeing the way those kids are pornographically exploited as sexual objects, mixed with their references to sex and female body parts, makes this venue unfit for people of any age - even if it were intelligently written, which it isn't. And to learn that these poor kid's own mother is the one using them in this fashion makes it even worse. Nick should stick to cartoons, which it hasn't made any new ones in many months; instead opting for these horrid live action shows.