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This title has:

Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
age 13+


Funny but lots of sex and sex moans. Not for kids.
age 10+

Ages 10 and up

age 12+

Ok for a 12+

Good show
age 8+

I have watched this yesterday.

You, This show is not on Adult Swim. Cartoon Network gave me extra 30 minutes.
age 9+

Fair not so funny tv show

It's a nice show but lil children should not watch this there's some bad words smoking and sex
age 18+

It was an OK show.

his show was very funny! But it was also very disgusting! It would be awesome if it wasn't so nasty!
age 10+

Really weird show

I am just gonna start off by saying this show is strange, I mean it does not have any culture of jokes, the dad is a bouncing weeble, the daughter is a doll, the boy is some one eyed kid with one hair string, the mother is long haired,(like Marge, but only weirder,) and do not even get me started on the two boys stuck together, overall, STRANGE STUFF!
age 13+

The Most Underrated Cartoon In History

Okay, so first off, the premise of the show is quite creative. The show is about a deformed family living in a town called HillValley. HillValley is separated into two sections: The Hills and The Valley; the Hill people are rich and pollute the Valley with toxic waste, while the Valley people are poor and everybody has complete disregard for their safety. The Oblongs, of course, live in the Valley, hence their poverty and deformities. Kind of a funny satire on social classes. What's cool about it is even though they're practically the definition of a dysfunctional family, they seem actually pretty content with their lives; except for son/protagonist Milo, who wishes he could live in the Hills. Each of the characters is funny in their own unique way. Speaking of being funny, this is one of the funniest cartoons I've ever seen. It's extremely witty and clever. The humor is dark, and the characters look somewhat creepy, which some people may not like. There were only 13 episodes made of this show, but I have no idea why, because this is one of the best cartoons ever. I believe that this and "Pelswick" are the two most underrated cartoons ever. I urge every mature person to check this show out. I'd also like to mention that CSM said a character had a "phallus-shaped growth on her head" but it is not mentioned even once in the show that her growth resembles a phallus, so I wouldn't have put that under the "sex" section of this review.

This title has:

Too much drinking/drugs/smoking