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The Office (UK)

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The Original show that inspired the us Office is alright but not as great as the US.

The UK Office is not as good as the US edition but it is worth checking out. The show follows the employees of a Paper company in the town of Slough England in a reality show format with the camera setup and the interviews after situations occur. But the characters are fake. These characters especially David Brent who is the main character is the inappropriate part of the show He would not survive for at least two minutes in a normal workplace since he makes crude jokes. These jokes are not super edgy but this is not good behavior for a workplace, but thats what makes the show good. There is HBO level cursing in here as the show uses the S word a lot. Teens should only be the youngest age to watch this show since little kids would not know how to behave if they see these characters.
age 16+

It is TV-MA-L

There is lots of Profanity,I think it should desserve 4/5 language, there ARE some brittish pop-culture referances, some adults also drink beer and wine, that word "t--t" gets it a TV-MA because it basically means "vagina" or a huge A--hole (as in jerk) so thats why it's TV-MA-L, or why people don't use words like that (or c--k, c--t and ni---r)

This title has:

Too much swearing
Too much consumerism
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking