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Mild music competition has good advice for aspiring stars.
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Adult Written bypretty b. April 18, 2017

good concept bad outcome

I don't understand why they casted a bunch of kids who couldn't sing then have the nerve to have bad attitudes. People pick on the black girl a lot though she MAY be a bit difficult but they are taking her work ethic and her seriousness to a whole 'nother level. what is disappointing is ive been following timberland career for many years and it makes him look very stupid.
I don't like saying someone can or can not sing and there is one guy in there who is talented but it isn't enough there is a girl in there that cant sing at all named ashlund who doesn't even deserve to be there. The worst thing is it is obvious they only casted kids based on their look and not their talent which is a bad example because you can be a pop star no matter what you look like.
someone mentioned that timbaland is a racist he is a racist but they are judging based on the first few episodes. he is actually racist against blacks there nothing but white people on this show and they make 2 out of the 3 black people on there look very bad. timbaland is biased so in that sense this show is educational but I doubt anyone besides me would notice that. the show is awful but you want to watch it because you think its going to be like a singer version of the rap game. the rap game is a much better show they put more effort into the talent jermain is more energetic and this show is very calm and boring. there doesn't need to be fighting to make it exciting this show is as perez Hilton says vanilla sells but its not memorable.

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Adult Written byFatima R. April 11, 2017

About the parents

The show is a great opportunity for these young teens pursue their dreams. What is not cool about this show is the parents. Not all but miss "Cravetay" and her mother has a nasty disposition about themselves. Her daughter has a nasty attitude just like her mom. They both need to worry about themselves and not the others. She might be talented but in the music business doesn't anyone want to work with a brat or her bratty mom either. My opinion. She sounds nasally when she tries to sing. Just saying

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Positive role models
Adult Written byVal C. April 1, 2017

Way too much favoritism.

As an adult,. Parents don't have to sell their children. Now as far as the singing,. The boys are the true singers. First Ashland,. She honestly can't sing. She is a copycat. She has been told that she looks like a pussycat Dolls. She is not sexy although she thinks she is. Cravetay,. She does have the swag , but she is a know it all. Madysyn can sing over all the girls, but shec could use a good trainer . Overall timbaland need more diverse group of critics. A lot of them don't know any more music than I do. Need to stop being an A..
Parent Written byChris M. March 22, 2017

What is up with Timbaland?!?!

I have been watching this show from the beginning and started watching it because I watch The Rap Game as well and I do enjoy the singing. I thought my daughter would love it! Honestly I don't want her watching it anymore! I don't know what Timbaland is thinking! Some are saying he's racist, I think he's biased. I think that his favourite is Cravetay for some reason and that's all he sees from maybe her first performance, but seriously that little girl is a cheat and pretty rude to people she shouldn't be rude too and you can see where she gets it from. I hope Timbaland wakes up out of this trance and sees the real talent he has there. Madyson is an amazing singer. I get chills when I hear her sing. Ian is an amazing performer and you can see how much emotion he puts into ever performance. Except the one and he LEARNED from it. If Cravetay wins I will never watch this show again and either will my daughter. He will be condoning everything I teach my daughter to not be. Or do. There is being confident and thinking you are better then everyone and having no respect for others. I did not think that Cravetay performance was better then anyone else's up there. You can see the way Timbaland looks at Cravetay. She is his favourite and has been from the beginning. For whatever reason. All I'm saying is Timbaland you need to open your eyes to the other kids there because there is a lot of talent there. I have already seen so many other grow from the first episode till last nights performances. The wrong person was first in my opinion!
Adult Written byCasey T. March 21, 2017


Someone recently posted they think Timbaland is racist... I actually dont think cravetays race is the factor. I actually think he has some level of attraction to her which is disgusting. The way he goaks and droils over her is starting to make the show unbearable. I was a huge fan of his prior to this but i dont know what impression he is intending to give but the one he is well... its unsettling.