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age 11+

An addictive taste!

The competitive element which comes from the Voice and the Apprentice format makes it quite watchable and addictive. I enjoy the fact that not all of the contestants are professional chefs- like the bake off this has you gunning for the underdog. I also like the fact that it is taste not looks that count. Of course it is important to set up some friction between characters and the fact that the judges cannot see the contestants does add to the drama, where you are judging people on something other than physical first impressions. Perfectly watchable and quite addictive in the same way that once you start watching the Apprentice or the Bake off it is hard to stop. Nigella does come across as being a bit haughty but that just adds to the drama.I suspect that her unfortunate private life has spilled over into these reviews. My teenage daughter enjoys rooting for the contestants.It shows her that you can win in life due to your merit and hard work which to me is a good role modelling!

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