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The Twins: Happily Ever After?

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As a mother of blonde twin 14yr old gilr twins.....

This show is freaking hilarious!!! Its funny that people think these young women are ACTUALLY that dumb, but they have harnessed their talent and have made a great brand for themselves!!! The show is so funny and just silly! These ladies remind me of my twins! Lol
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This is my " me " time as a busy single mom for my 2 yr old

Its absolutely hilarious! Keeps me laughing the whole time and I get pissed when its ending! The only thing I enjoy and look forward to and be able to laugh and have fun! Ur gonna have haters who r jealous but make it positive! When they bring hate, make hatorade. Screw what ppl say cuz there's a lot worse than two funny twin blondes havn the time of then life while they can enjoy it and being single...hell yeah why not? And Ur not alone u got each other! Hell of a lot better than other reality shows! Keep going girls!!!!

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Why not Focus on productive 24 year olds! There are out there!

This show is another example of lazy, unmotivated young adults. They are so dumb it's ridiculous. Their mom needs to get a life outside of making them peanut butter sandwiches and cleaning up after them so they can be in their phones. Why not create a show about successful highly motivated young girls instead of them? They do exist! That would be a show worth watching and motivating to young people and enlightening to adults. Young people today don't have to be dependent on mommy for their existence. Shame on you mom - you didn't do your job! Don't waste your time or encourage your kids to watch such unintelligent programming. Set the bar high for your kids!