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A show with traditional values, good people.

I was surprised to see a 3 star rating, then saw the users rated it 4.5 stars, but the “expert” rated it 3. Show 2 different ratings, not just the expert. I am 64. I was a strict parent. My wife and I dedicated our lives to our children, and now our grandchildren. I dislike most entertainment because most of it ridicules people like us, and most of the shows have a leftist agenda. This show is funny, all the characters are realistic, and are dedicated parents. Yes there is a lot of talk about sex and drinking. The main character is a widower with two daughters. He starts dating and has some casual sex. But he stops it because he is a good person and can’t have sex without caring. Watch with your kids and discuss this. I binge watched the show in one day. Check it out on Netflix.