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Adult Written bykismet April 9, 2008


If you dont know who Wendy Williams is by now then you MUST be living under a rock! She is the all-time Queen of Media and all that that implies... Ppl who complain about her content kill me...I mean when you look at the trash thats on tv these days I find Wendy and her talk/radio show VERY refreshing. When I talk with my girlfriends, its stuff Wendys talking about. When I talk to my boyfriend, Its stuff Wendys talking about-if I talk to my MOTHER then its probally something that was discussed on Wendy! Her focus is NOT always on sex-however like art imitates life whats usually at the topic of convesation socially? Fun conversation anyway. And thats what The Experience offers, a FUN time! This is not newsradio-(although she stays mindful of current events and hot topics)This is drive time de-stress the day away banter. For adults, or the adult minded. I hate when ppl say off things about Wendy. Ms. wendy you go! Do you! Howard Stern once said something like the avereage person who likes the show listens a few times a week--ppl who "hate" the show listen EVERY DAY! Hypocrites! Get those ratings girl I know you love me for listening and you'll love me more for watching :)!
Parent of a 14 and 16 year old Written byaeiou September 26, 2011

Junk TV at it's finest

The small bit I've seen I don't like. To make matters worse, for some reason, the parental block I have set for this show doesn't work as the station does not appear to be sending the parental info. Comes on just as my 13 year old daughter comes home from school when I am not there. This is a program for after 10 PM. Junk TV at it's finest.
Adult Written byheavensgates1 April 9, 2008