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age 11+

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Quirky fun for the family

Our entire family (2 adults, 2 kids age 11) enjoys watching this show. The show is really informative about many subjects over different episodes. The topics are everyday subjects that we all can relate to, such as dogs, coffee, ice cream, shoes, monsters, pools, etc. Each episode also includes the science how the human mind and body interact with the subject of that episode. For example, during an episode about magic, Jeff visits a neuroscience lab where they record his brain and eye movements as he watches Penn and Teller preform magic tricks. Jeff is a great host with a quirky sense of humor. He visits many different locations and meets a diverse cast of people as he learns more about our world.

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age 9+

As Interesting As It Is Quirky

I think that this show is pretty entertaining. Goldblum's weirdness, mixed with his curiosity of things that everyone loves, makes for a great show to be honest. But although I would rate it at 9+, I feel that kids that young wouldn't even be interested in the first place, so I would recommend this for ages 12+.
age 8+

Lighthearted fluff, family friendly, short and sweet.

I live in Pittsburgh where Jeff is from, so have to give a little love to the show. Although this isn't the most amazing or thorough "documentary" spiel, it is paced and painted with shorter attention spans in mind without being frantic or cheap. Jeff, of course, adds his fuzzy, fun and sometimes seemingly adlebrained, youthful curiousity quips to sprinkle whimsy into the mix. And in the end it all comes out as a nice little cookie for everyone to consume without worry and go about their day. And maybe you learned a few cool and interesting tidbits for your 20 to 25 minutes, plus it's all about very universal happy time subjects like ice cream, sneakers and blue jeans. Reminds me of the more wholesome days of TV, and we could all use a bit more of that me thinks.