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Simon Cowell's Idol follow-up lags behind original.
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Adult Written byShady4lane September 2, 2018

All about the judges!

The new lineup of Judges has ruined the show for me. Robbie Williams clearly doesn’t like the limelight to be on anyone else but him. His wife is just another opinionated American and Simon Cowell is boring. The only seemingly genuine one is Louis. I tried to watch because I used to love the stories behind the participants but I will be turning off for the rest of the series.
Adult Written byEvan1234 April 14, 2017

Good singing&drama

Educational Value 20/100

People can pick up techniques on how to sing, as well as listening to the judges feedback.

Positive Messages 20/100

It can be inspirational to people who are scared or don't want to sing.

Positive Role Models 43/100

The contestants and judges can be inspiring and kind. The judges sometimes try to be nice.

Sex/Nudity 20/100

Not that much sexual content though the judges and contestants sometimes wear a lot of makeup and nice dresses and attire. Some of the contestant wear sexual clothing. For instance a lady wore just some pants and a black bikini, and her navel and abdomen were seen. A man zipped down his pants during a performance, but his groin was blurred out.

Violence 15/100

This is by no means a violent show, but there are occasional outbursts. There have been some remembered outbursts. For instance after the judges did not think a pink tribute artist was good the girl walked off stage, threw down her mic, and then her father rushed her back on stage where she screamed profanities at the judges while crying. She then attacked a cameraman. Another remembered performance was when a women tried throwing water at a judge.

Language 30/100

The language can be intense sometimes. Strong language is bleeped out though. For instance a women advised the judges to "shove a little piece of metal right up their a**". A judge fired back with saying, "Back at you". Other more milder language such as, "Shut up" is said more frequently, but still not often.

Consumerism 12/100

Simon Cowell advertises the show.

Drinking/Drugs/Smoking 0/100


Quality 75/100

This is a good singing show, though it can get a bit over the top sometimes.
Adult Written byclarence August 5, 2015

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Adult Written byLowe's man February 22, 2014

Not quite as good as AMERICAN IDOL, but good that Simon Cowell was somewhere.

Although it's a shame that Simon Cowell left AMERICAN IDOL- and a loss for the show that he did- I'm glad that he started a new show. He's an excellent entreupeneur. He managed to keep the flavor of AMERICAN IDOL, with the only difference is that THE X FACTOR is for a slightly older audience. If there's one drawback to this show, it's that assigning everyone to a team makes it harder for the judges to be neutral, since they want to support those who are on their team. With that having been said, Simon Cowell is still a much-needed voice, for he tells the contestants what they need to hear, not what they want to hear. This forces them to rise up to the challenge. As for the other judges, they're good too. They too realize when people need to hear criticism. The best feedback comes when the judges critique someone who's not on their team, as then they're freer to give an honest review. They know when a contestant can do better. This forces him or her to rise to the challenge. It's a loss for Fox and the nation that this show got cancelled.
Adult Written byJEDI micah May 29, 2012

Simon Cowell should just give up!

This show should be sued because it is almost an exact replica of American Idol! Also, it is kinda boring to watch and Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul are so irritating! I hope the show will be cancelled!

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Parent Written bydr peper guy September 22, 2011

it was fine until

well thank god we watched as a family last night when because not only was there some great talent which i wouldent have cared if my kids saw alone that or not but they also would have saw a man who can not sing worth a lick and proceds to unfasen yes unfasen his pants and pull his underwear down for all to see so this i guess is going to be more for older kids cause me and my kids loved it just took us by ssuprise and is not so mutch for the younger crowd so parents please use cauation when viewing with your younger children but if you want a better choice wait for the voice or americas got talent to return agin

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