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The truth (and some scary stuff) is still out there.
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Teen, 16 years old Written byLucan1010 February 28, 2016

Good followup to Excellent Series--This is currently the only accurate review

Violence: Slightly more violent then original series: Explosions, gunshots, brief medical imagery. Man commits suicide by driving letter opener into head (not graphic or bloody but still cringe-worthy). Dead bodies seen with bite marks on neck. Brief scenes of limbs being ripped off by monster. A terrorist bombing on art gallery, burning people seen running out. One brutal physical fight, no one killed or injured. Mass epidemics.
Language: Very mild for modern T.V. about the same as old series: some usage of mild language d*mn, h*ll, *ss, rare usage of moderate language: b*tch, B.S. (just the initials)
Sex: Here's were the show get a little edgy, it's still fairly mild but worse than original series: in the second episode, it turns out a side character is gay (that's it though, still mild). The third episode is where it gets really edgy: brief glimpse of porn, no nudity or sex but still there, and another brief scene where a character makes up a story about scully having sex with him (there briefly shown up against a wall passionately kissing.

So overall a great series, but watch out for those two brief scenes in episode 3!

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Violence & scariness
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Kid, 12 years old October 26, 2016

TV show about the paranormal has gotten more mature.

The X-Files: is a continuation of a Paranormal TV Drama which has gotten a lot more mature with lots more violence.

This season is much more gruesome than the old series, with scenes that can be very disturbing.

One episode features a peeping tom and a very brief love-making scene.

Rare use of words like "b---h" and "s--t".

Some social drinking, and a villain who smokes cigarettes through a valve in his neck.

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Violence & scariness
Teen, 14 years old Written byJaredSyko February 11, 2016

The X-Files

Sure it's well made, as I would have expected, but...
Under fifteen stay away!!! I know CommonSense recommends this for 13+, but I was horrified after the second episode. I thought it would be all good after watching the Pilot, but no. I saw a man commit suicide by thrusting an envelope opener through his ear and more that halfway through his brain. Blood spurted everywhere. Then I saw something even worse. A woman tried to kill her baby foetus in fear that it may be alien. So she gets a kitchen knife and cuts her stomach open. Then, instead of dying, the baby crawls out, amidst the gore.
I am 14, and I have official stopped watching the X-Files. I'm going to wait for a little while. On the other hand, 16 year olds would be able to watch this.

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Positive role models
Violence & scariness
Teen, 14 years old Written byMrMoviesGuy February 2, 2016

Awesome new science fiction show, not for little kids.

I think this remake is truly awesome, this show is about aliens, mutants and other kind of mysteries. This is a little bit scary. There is some gore in this show , however there is violence in this show that does have blood.(It is not graphic) Recommended for kids 12 years and older.

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Violence & scariness