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age 14+

Relatable, Charming and Down-To-Earth

I think most mature 14 year olds can handle this on the basis that the main plot revolves around Aine's battle with her mental health. At the start, you find out that she has spent some time in rehab after having (as she describes) a 'wee bit of a nervous breakdown'. It is also later implied that she sometimes feels suicidal and that she has contemplated self-harm and struggles with depression. One beloved character takes his own life, nothing is shown, but Aine and Bradley attend his wake. All in all, Aine is a very determined woman, she loves her job and is so driven by her career as an ESL teacher. She is then hired as a private tutor for a French boy who had just lost his mum and come to live with his dad, Richard. Aine develops a very close bond with Etienne, and later on breaks through cynical Richard's façade of the rich British gentleman. Aine has a pretty unhealthy relationship with her ex, Freddie. Nothing is shown of before, but a lot of negative history is implied, yet they still find their ways back to each other. Shona is Aine's sister, and, lacking a better word, guardian. Ever since Aine's breakdown, Shona was there to watch over her and make sure Aine wasn't going to do anything stupid. Shona's fiancée, Vish, is, like Shona, a very successful businessperson, having worked in finance for a decade or more. Shona and Vish are quite well-to-do, but Vish often sees Aine as a burden, and tries to offload her where possible. Bradley is Aine's ever-faithful flatmate, who is always there for her when she needs it, and helps her through the ups and downs of post-rehab life. There are lots of adult themes in this programme, but what would you expect? Series 1 wasn't too bad, with a couple of sex scenes (nothing graphic). In series 2, it is revealed that there is an affair happening between two characters, right before one of them is due to get married. Also in series 2, Aine gets into a proper relationship, and there is a bit more sex than there was in series 1, but still no nudity. There is a lot of frequent bad language as well. All in all, I absolutely adored both series of This Way Up (I ended up binging them in one night), and the way that mental health was explored in the programme really accurately highlights what some people struggle with in society today without others even realising it. Unfortunately, it did seem like the end of series 2 was rounded off quite nicely, nevertheless, I am patiently waiting to see whether we'll get a third series. The message at the end of the last episode summed the whole series up perfectly.

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