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Thomas and his train friends huff and chuff around.
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Parent of a 2 and 4-year-old Written byreedsmom March 20, 2009

What's up with the RUDE Thomas Shows?

My son has been watching Thomas since he was 2, he has an obsession with Thomas the Tank toys, shows, movies, anything to do with it. At a certain point I had to take away all the video watching as it came to my attention that the engines are all very RUDE to each other most of the time. Occasionally there is a decent message, but the focus is mostly on the rude behavior and my son started imitating it!!!! Recently I brought the shows back out, this time trying to fast forward through the unacceptable episodes, but I had to cut it off when an episode from the Halloween DVD featuring the "trouble trucks" (my son's favorite!) the first word of the show is "Shut Up!" and the engine named Duck bashes into a bunch of trouble trucks! I was shocked and turned it off immediately! What a horrible thing for a children's show! They blame each other for things, I'm so disappointed. Why is there not more talk about this? What's more is that while he was playing with his trains yesterday he acted out the scene and I heard him say "shut up!". Now I have to explain to him that that is not a nice thing to say and he is confused as to why..."but Duck said that" he looks at my confused. [email protected]#!
Parent of a 1, 9, 10, 14, and 14-year-old Written bycharmsmatuts August 15, 2011

Thomas The Tank Engine

This show is still good for my 1 year old, I wish I could rate it ON for kids 1 & up. In one episode this is a little superising but in Diesel said "Shut up" to Thomas. It's not a bad word, not really language my kids can't use. But It's just kind of rude to say to somebody. Anyway I used to love trains when I was a kid so I am glad they made a show with trains that talk and go on amazing adventures, All characters are good role models even though they are sometimes grumpy, cranky and mean like Cranky the Crane. It's not just the trains that talk. All kinds of machines like cranes, trains, cars, buses, planes, boats and helicopters talk because they have faces on any part of the object that has a lot of space. Some trains get into exploasions, accidents or crashes which is the only thing to watch out for. Anyway. It has a really good messgage and it's educational. Love It!

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Parent Written byDigiGoggleHeadBoy September 10, 2018
For kids 2-10. I love that it teaches great social and emotional skills, that kids would be facing. The characters are relatable and interesting. The only problem I have with this show is that there are hardly any girl characters.

Their website:

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Adult Written byDebra D. January 30, 2017
One of my most favorite TV shows. I absolutely love Thomas and Friend. The show teaches great valuable lessons in episode. I have been watching Thomas for a very long time. I personally feel Thomas and Friend is a great show for kids and adults.
Adult Written byJohnD 4 May 13, 2015

In praise of Thomas

I don't agree with the 'liberal parents' view at all. You could just as well say that the stories celebrate the useful results of working class solidarity and communality, quite often triumphing over oppression and misfortune.

The stories are stimulating and positive, and their basic morality is not to be sneered at unless there is something seriously wrong with you.

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Parent of a 2-year-old Written byShawnaLanne January 24, 2009

Behavioral Modeling - Yeah it models all the bad things

I began watching this with my son just before he turned 2 and quickly turned it off. Yes, there is behavioral modeling, and trains who are acting 'badly' always get it in the end and learn a lesson, but along with the lesson they learn, I believe it's also teaches bad behavior with examples of jealousy and envy and plain old mean spiritidness. I know this has a big following, and it is age appropriate, but I don't want my son modeling his behavior on these trains.
Adult Written byRarityfan July 7, 2019

It's Thomas the Tank Engine what can I say?

You must live under a rock if you don't know this engine. The engine is forceful in toys, old console games, a ride in a Danish museum in Odense and more.

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Adult Written bynachiux January 25, 2019

este espectaculo no esta mal pero tiene muchisimos defectos

este show en si estaba bien pero viendo mas de 15 episodios me di cuenta de como son los personajes que se quejan bastante y solo quieren lo suyo ademas de que solamente lo que hacen es puro trabajar sin descanso pero esta algo sobrevalorado el show como dije solo es de trabajar y nadie puede hacer algo divertido

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Adult Written byThomasmagic1992 June 25, 2018


I’ve watched Thomas since I was a little girl and I saw their growth from live action to animation and it still has the positive virtues for new generations to enjoy. If I have children someday I’ll watch this with them.

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Parent of a 18+-year-old Written byOlivia M. May 25, 2018

Thomas tried hard, but failed to protect Mother Nature

This show promotes Environmental ABUSE!!!!!! The burning of coal causes many environmental dangers!!

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Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Adult Written byPixarYesDoraNo L. November 20, 2017

I Love This Show

Yeah, I Love This Show, Higher The Rating!

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Positive Messages
Parent of a 4-year-old Written byJeff C. November 12, 2017

Those trains are terrible people!

Teaches bad lessons. Trains are capitalist drones.
Adult Written byMartin G. September 6, 2017

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Positive Messages
Adult Written byScout H. August 18, 2016

Not educational!

My 3.5 year old step son would watch this all day every day with his mom, so when he came to my house, I allowed him to watch one episode a day with my two year old. I sat down with them one day to watch it and realized that this show doesn't teach them anything. They don't focus in colors, letters, language, or anything. The only thing it maybe does is teach behavior, but even then many of the characters are very rude to each other. He is 3.5 and can't say a single word except choo choo, so I know that him watching the show all day with her hasn't taught him anything either. The characters are cute, but not what I would let my children watch again.
Adult Written byJoes31 August 12, 2016

It's really good for children,but when you get older it's TERRIBLE

It's a cute show but their's ALOT Of Crashes

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Positive role models
Adult Written byHarold Cheese July 4, 2016

A favourite childhood show.

This is a great children's show that has good role models(Edward,Mavis and Toby) and fun entertaining stories that kids will enjoy. The only thing worth noting is a few episodes might scare very young viewers (Ghost Train, Stepney Gets Lost) and some characters (Diesel 10,Diesel, 'Arry and Bert)are not nice characters and might upset very young children. But there is nothing that bad here. About as child friendly as a show can be.
Adult Written byerasmus16 April 26, 2016
Adult Written byKSRB3114 July 17, 2015


I never liked this blue engine or any of the engines for that matter. My daughter gets bored after watching this for more than a few minutes. Not a lot of singing, except the British kids and a song stuck in the middle of the episodes. The engines are really crappy to each other and always seem to mess things up, with only a scolding from Toppham Hatt. Speaking of which, I have always wondered why he is still in charge of the railways...its good if your kids are into trains and slow moving shows, but dont expect to learn many life lessons.
Adult Written byLowe's man October 5, 2014

Teaches life lessons to the very young; highly recommended.

I will admit that I haven't seen this show since the 90s, when it was part of SHINING TIME STATION. Even then, I only watched occasionally- just enough to get a feel for the characters. Having said that, this is a cut above many other shows for preschoolers. For one thing, all the trains have facial expressions, allowing kids to see what various emotions look like. Moreover, Sir Topham Hat rewards good behavior and scolds- and if I remember right, punishes- bad behavior. He expects nothing but the best from each train. This series teaches life lessons, such as teamwork, cooperation and getting along, to the very young, and does so in an age-appropriate manner. For the sake of children, complete seasons need to be on DVD. As for what you said about this being a male-centric series, it is true that all the trains were initially male while all the passenger cars were female. One parent rightly felt that this gave girls the message that they're less important than boys and complained about it. In response female trains were added, which was a good thing. This shows how much more responsive the producers of this show were and are to complaints, compared to the producers of many other shows.
Parent Written by1GBMOMMY May 5, 2014


I honestly can't see the good in Thomas the train. All the trains are rude & cross all the thanks. I prefer Chuggington more positive and not so rude.

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