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Parent Written byRogue Comet November 19, 2011

Childhood memories

I watched Thundarr the barbarian as a child. My only regret was it's cancellation.
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Parent of a 8 year old Written byVictorianna December 15, 2010

Great Classic Cartoon Good vs. Evil

Thundarr is a classic cartoon now (scary, huh?) and I think shows the changes in our culture. Thundarr isn't too politically correct to have a sword-carrying strongman alongside a beautiful princess and a fuzzy side-kick. There's lots of action, but it's mostly the stereotypical good-vs-evil battle, where good always triumphs. This is a good show for boys (because of the action) and also for girls (because the Princess, while perhaps a bit under-dressed, is intelligent and strong). And if you have some small furry creatures running around your house, perhaps they could identify with Ogla (sic?) and his interesting reptilian(?) mount. Thundarr is a bit dense sometimes and you might get a little tired of hearing "Orbs of Light!" but it's a lot better than some of the smucky, politically correct stuff kids watch today.
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Parent of a 7 year old Written byStundar August 8, 2009

Perfect for young children, but not for veterans

Think about it like this. Its a show about men and beast who come together to fight the evil wizard Vandar. This might be okay for children, but war veterans will shurely be terrifed by the scenes of violence, as it will remind them of their own times in war.
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