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Stand by me

After the epic Lion King, Timon & Pumbaa got their own show. A shame to see this stand in the shadows of these days shows that became cult like Rescue Rangers. Lots of cartoon slapstick, and a little romance but it's more of an comedy driven show not to be taken serious like Gargoyles. Educational fun at times so if you can ever find the show in a second hand store have this in up in the classroom.

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age 6+

Hakuna Matata- What a Wonderful Show!

Oh, man! I used to watch this as a kid because it's my favorite cartoon of the 90s.
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Timon and Pumbaa

Sexual Content (Not an Issue): None. Violence (Pause): Lots of cartoony slapstick, comic peril. Language (Not an Issue): Pumbaa is repeatedly referred to as a "mook" by Timon. Social Behavior (Not an Issue): Snooty behavior and nastiness, but it's made clear that this isn't acceptable behavior. Most episodes have some kind of moral lesson within them. Commercialism (Not an Issue): Spin-off of The Lion King. Drug/Alcohol/Tobacco (Not an Issue): None.