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age 2+

I really like the show I just wanted to suggest something. Volume 2 episode 4, they wanted a very big tv. Should have done a projector with white board that comes down from the ceiling. Your welcome
age 8+

Growing up

I love this this show! However they don't seem to think of aging. They put laters in older peoples houses. They won't be able to climb then as they get older. Same for children. I just watched an episode with an 11 and 1 yr old with this great tree house loft to connect the rooms. However in 2 yrs the 1 girl will not be interested in climbing to her sisters room. I love tiny houses I just wish they would think long term . I want to build a tiny house and growing up is my biggest concern
age 3+

Yay! Lil' Lodges!

We ordered and visited Lil' Lodges in December 2014. They made our tiny log cabin. The reason we went with Lil' Lodges also was because of the excellent attention to workmanship and detail as did George and Kim from New York. Lil'lodges were already finished with George and Kim's tiny house when we visited. The staff at Lil'Lodges made it very easy to achieve what we were looking for in a tiny house and traveling all the way to the Cuyamaca mountains in CA with NO damage. Love Tiny House Nation with John and Zack! Can't wait til Monday nites to watch THN because we have one!

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