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If you let your kids watch Lincoln Heights , this should be okay.

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"I'm lost"

I'm lost within what just happened to me. I lost what I really wanted within just 2 weeks after our 1 mouth together, thanks to some people who really can't stand the fact that i was with her. I told her that I love her and I really do love her, I told her that I don't want to lose her, and I really don't want to lose her. It's something about her that i really don't know what it is just yet but all I know is that I want her, and I really like her alot. She puts a smile on my face when I really don't like to smile. I love being with her for the fact that she makes me feel something inside of me that i haven't felt for a long time. She's something beautiful, something sweet, something loving to me. She's the first that has ever made me really truely feel this way about her. All I want is for her to know that I didn't/do what those people are tryig to say that I did/doing. I want her and only. I told her that i want to be with her for at lease untell 12th grade is over with and she told me that she wants that too. I asked her no matter what comes our way we'll work it out and she said yes, I asked her how she truely felt about me and she told me something that i never thought to hear coming from her. She is all I want, all I need, I just would like for her to hear me out and understand why I would not do nothing like that to her. I love her.
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This show is really good! It is about this rapper that is going to go to prison for atleast a year but before he goes he is going to show some teens that desobaying the law is not fun. He takes them to diffrent places and have them talk to people that made that same mistake. I think that every teen should watch this that have ever thought about disobaying the law or have disobayed the law!