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Educator and Parent Written byCommonSenseChristian December 31, 2012

An Angel on my Television Screen

This is my absolute favorite show. Now, I'm a Christian, so I admit to being a bit biased, and will warn users now that if you have any reservations about any Christian overtones, this show may not be for you. That being said, Monica and friends are extremely positive representations of God and His world. Their overarching message is that no matter who you are or what you've done, God exists, and God LOVES you. You may need to change your ways--sometimes a lot--but He will meet you where you are. People who make peace with these truths are portrayed as, not always happy, but more at peace and ready to deal with life once the angels leave. There are a couple of instances where it is implied someone does go to Hell, but it is also clear that person wholly rejected God, and does not necessarily portray a rejection of Christianity (though that is heavily implied and again, may offend some). The angels are also accurate representations of who and what they are supposed to be. That is, they are good, and they love their Creator, but they are fallible and not to be worshipped. (For example, Monica gets disciplined for lying; Tess, for showing hatred to an assignment). Biblical undertones abound, such as in the episode where Monica is tempted by Satan. One cautionary note: while never graphic, many episodes deal with some form of violence in order to show humans' sinful nature (explosions, an Aryan supremacy group's intent to bomb a Jewish doctor's hospice, etc). Some of this is justified in that some human characters are law enforcement officials. A couple of episodes also show the death of a sick person; one notable one shows the death of a child with sickle cell anemia. For this reason, don't let kids watch on their own until they are older. Also: though the show has Judeo-Christian overtones, do not expect homosexuality to be condemned; it's not. The name of Jesus is rarely if ever dropped, and as noted, there is never a specific religion mentioned in context with Heaven. If you are okay with these things, and feel your kids can handle them, please watch.
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Great messages
Great role models
Too much violence
Adult Written byWaylon J. March 22, 2012

"Dvd's That Will Touch Lives"

Touched By An Angel healed my insecurities and prepared me for married life at the age of 27. Everyone must see this show and own all its dvd's for regular viewing.
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Great role models
Parent of a 17 year old Written byabyyer November 21, 2009

even kids 6 years and under should see it

love it seen it i am 11 years old
Adult Written byremark546 June 3, 2009

Still comes on the same channel

Just wanted to state the time has been moved from 12:00 to 8:00. Still comes on the same Hallmark Channel(62 for me), and still every weekday :)
Adult Written byjudy123 January 1, 2009

Very touching series. I love this show.

I love this series. Touched by an Angel has touched my family that there Hope and Guidance in life. I tape this program as I am working during the day. However, today, I noticed that I Love Lucy replaced Touched by Angel. Please let me know what time this show is scheduled. Thank You Hallmark for providing us with series of Touched by an Angel. There should be more series. We are so touched by this series. At times we cry, laugh, pray and know that there is Angel to guide us. Gives us hope. Again Thanks for this series. Please let me know what time you have scheduled this series. Awaiting your reply.