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History gets redone

Do not expect this story to represent the known details from reliable sources, the way Ridley Scott handled everything in his respectable attempt. The stylistic approach of Trust does make for a trippy and more interesting approach to the material, but to take so many detours from the truth actually sours the whole effort. It also becomes a bit overwrought when we sit through a weekly rehashing of the same details over and over. The series moves at a glacial pace sometimes and made me long for a reappearance of good old Fletcher Chase to liven up the subject along the way. Brendan Frazier was a good dose of humor and common sense when he was given the scene. Donald Southerland was also impeccable in his portrayal of the old man Getty and his dastardly villainous approach to nearly every subject that revolves around his family and his money. Probably the biggest miss for the show was the casting of a twenty something year old man to play the lead role of an innocent young teenager who made teenage mistakes in his choices. This miscast gives a terrible skew to the whole subject. You have to keep reminding yourself that the actual kidnapped kid was so much younger than it feels watching this curly redheaded man feebly attempt to play a young teenager. Overall the series left a rather saccharine aftertaste in my mouth and left me wishing it had been a bit more shortened into a miniseries instead of the long drawn out story that we were given. It is interesting material but much like the Elgin marbles, not really that interesting for such grandiose treatment.

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