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age 14+

Fun, quirky ghost hunting (with more f-bombs that you would expect)!

After I watched the series I wanted to share it with my kids, but while language is generally mild, there is a clear exception for the f-word. It's a bit strange because the show sometimes uses "poo" instead of the alternative, but still likes to work in a couple f's per episode. I tried watching on VidAngel with the kiddos, but I think that degrades the video and the audio and does not include subtitles. I gave up on that and just watched it with my 13-year-old and 15-year-old, who constantly hear foul language at school. Other than my quibble about the recurring use of one particular word, the characters are great, respectable "people." ;-) The casting is fantastic! The story is fun, quirky, and at times spooky.
age 15+

Good series for those who can stomach it.

Later episodes are very bloody and there is an instance or two of sexual content.

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Too much violence
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