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Adult Written bycookie123 January 19, 2009
Parent Written byazmomof2boys January 9, 2011
Parent of a 5, 10, and 13 year old Written byPleasantspring July 29, 2010
age 5+

ok for the prek and kindergarten set

My son really likes this show and he is 5. I am not so sure he is getting the messages but he is entertained.
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Parent of a 3 year old Written bysunniebaye July 11, 2009
age 3+

3 yr old daughter loves it

Our 3 yr old daughter loves this show. She would rather watch it than any other cartoon.
Adult Written byThe JP Show June 7, 2009
age 3+

The FCC is being stupid again

Should be TV-Y.
Adult Written byTommypezmaster March 17, 2009
age 6+

Another CGI Gem

Turbo Dog There The Croud tracks, Turbo Dogs going out now, lets get in gear & rave in the race tracks Lets Go Turb Dogs!
Adult Written bysegasupergt December 1, 2008
age 15+

what a creative show, it is really wonderful for all ages!

When I first saw this show on television, I was quite impressed on how well made it was, and the lessons you learn. * Don't be lazy when your team relies on you. Struts learned this from Clutch #7. * Don't take advantage of your team, ever. Struts #5 - was the one who learned about this the hard way. * Even you when you get older in age, you can still be quite special, with a little no how. Dash #1 learned about this from his grandmother. * Movie stars are actors, not people who do their own skits in movies. Doubles do the actual stunts. Dash #1 - was the one who learned about this on his own. So, whenever you make a mistake, try to do what is right, and dont ignore a problem when one exist. Talk about with your friends or family. You'll feel a lot better if you do. Just a thought: They should have these Turbo Dogs wear something other than their racing suits all the time, like basic clothes, or even be themselves - dogs, when not racing. It makes more sense - doesn't it?! And remember, you're human from the inside out. Thank you for your time, Brian Johnson