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Extra-lovable actors make a clichéd storyline funny, sweet.
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Adult Written byJoseph G March 31, 2019

Upchuck Charlie

I really don't think this production is suitable for intelligent people of any age. Where shall I start? How about a few minutes into the first episode when the writers treat us to some time-tested scatalogical humor? One of the show's characters forgot to flush the toilet! Hilarious! And it only gets worse after that.

Everything about this series is predictable in the sense that it all conforms to Netflix's primary mission: to "awaken" us. The lead character is flawed, yet lovable.Most importantly, he's black. He's blown his chance at fame and fortune, but his heart's in the right place. Exactly the kind of guy you want to entrust with the care of your spoiled brat of a daughter.

Now, I don't want to be too judgmental, but I think there is something perverse about casting children in such reprehensible roles. Gabrielle (age 11) cusses, she manipulates, she lies, etc. She finds her soulmate in the equally off-putting Hunter, who let's us know that he can't be expelled from school because his father gave the school lots of money and his mother has "shagged" just about everyone else affiliated with the school. (Gee, sound familiar?) Real normal kids, right?

David, Gabrielle's father, represents the modern emasculated white male. He's not very good at anything. He can't act worth a damn and he has no idea how to effectively parent. Hell, he can't even make love to his wife! (The castration is complete!) Sara, Gabrielle's mother, wears the pants in this family, but she wears them poorly. Gabby's life is the most important thing to this odd couple, but darn it, their careers keep getting in the way. Dis family is dysfunctional.

To be fair, I only watched 6 episodes, but I had to bail after the disgusting Ibiza episode. I knew the writers had run out of ideas when once again they returned to scatology with the filthy clogged toilet plumbed by yet another feckless white male, Charlie's drug-addled agent.

I love Idris Elba as Luther. When I heard the rumors that he was being considered for the new James Bond, I thought, yeah, why not. But please, stick to acting, Idris.
Adult Written bymomo4 April 11, 2019


The woman falls in love with Charlie, and her fiance calls her out on it. Her response? To hit her fiance.

While some may believe violence against others is an acceptable answer, I do not.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking