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I FEEL SO GUILTY FOR GIVING THIS A 3 BUT IT HAD TO BE DONE!!! Okay but first of all let's talk about the casting in this drama!????? 19302019383020/10. Anyways, the kdrama is so good I dont want to spoil anything but this has to be done, it's not a big spoiler but still. SPOILERRR>>>>>>> The drama is so good UP UNTIL THE LAST FEW EPISODES, this drama took me back to how I used to feel watching kdramas for the first time it was amazing, but then it suddenly took a turn for the worst and it literally felt like my heart was breaking. WORST ENDING EVER IDGAFF! OKAY SPOILERS DONE!!!! Honestly, this drama is really good when it comes to showing friendship, romance, and teaches a bunch of lessons along the way, but if you are watching this show to comfort yourself.. you are setting yourself up for failure. If you want to comfort yourself do yourself a favor and watch it halfway and stop there to keep your heart happy, trust me. But ITS STILL SUCH A GOOD KDRAMA I had to give it a 3 for the sake of my heart though LMFAOOO
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This show is amazing. Each episode itself felt like an emotional journey and it's just so fun to watch the characters learn, grow, and love. It's filled with great messages and explores romance, friendship, and family issues. A big plot point is how the main characters are affected by the IMF crisis in Korea in the 90s as well as two of the main character's journeys in competition fencing. It's just brilliantly written and I'd advise anyone to watch this.

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Educational value
Great messages
Great role models
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I stayed up til 1 watching this show for days! It is an amazing show, tho it did have a lot of language. Nothing really bad, but used frequently enough for a 12+ rating.

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Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
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