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Egregious blasphemy

I'm pretty tolerant, but once a movie or series uses the Lord's name interspersed with the F-word, I have to walk away. I was 4 episodes into this series when the Toni Collette character bellowed that God could go and F--- himself. This is deeply offensive to any person who cherishes and respects God. I look to Common Sense Media to guide my choices. I think there should be specific mention of instances of extreme and deliberately offensive blasphemy which invariably is directed to the Christian community.
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Good but beware

Really good show, could not stop. Heartbreaking no one believed Marie the 1st rape victim. Several flashback rape scenes but NOT graphic or I would have stopped watching. A great series that we all should be talking about: rape and sexual assault, how its handled in the justice/criminal system. How guys often get off scott free or slap on the hand. How society views it, how we view the women who have been victimized. How we elect men that have been accused of sexual misconduct, I mean what!? The show states that upwards of 40% of police officers are domestic abusers, sounds high to me but I'd like to think they did their research. So sad....this should be addressed and why these men DO NOT lose their jobs much of the time? Sometimes hard to watch this show but a timely message. Words of caution: these is lots and I mean LOTS of swearing. Dozens of F bombs being the worst, with several profanities and several S*** and other mild stuff. You will also see a full frontal nude man 2x as he is in jail being processed. You also see him nude from behind. Yes you see his penis, from a distance but's there however for a few brief moments twice. So yes a gripping story but if you do not like swearing then do not watch this. Also some mild Christianity throughout as one of the detectives is a Christian, I liked this aspect even though she is mocked for it. Oh and she says the F bomb twice. I'm a Christian too and I hate swearing but I prob would have said it a time or two myself if I was on this case.

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