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Decent for a 60s cartoon, but not something I would watch again

I was spending time with my grandpa when he mentioned a show called "Underdog" I thought, "what the heck is Underdog?" I went on the TV to watch it and found it on a channel called Boomerang Cartoons (its not a official Cartoon Network Boomerang channel, its some random Roku channel with low-quality videos of random old cartoons from the internet) I watched the episode called The Forget-Me Net. I was definitely expecting the animation to be terrible, 60s cartoons always have that "blocky" cheap-looking animation. The show itself was somewhat decent, it was about some villain made a net that made people forget things. For whatever reason, occasionally the show blacked out and some weird short thingy with random action scenes came on. I don't think they were actually part of the episode, but rather just a weird "its almost time for commercial" thing, though they never stated the commercial coming. It was kinda distracting and hard to tell what was actually part of the episode. Anyways, I mostly just remember a scene involving a runaway truck, and some female dog got kidnapped, and Underdog forgot who he was. The show overall was pretty forgettable. It's definitely better than Felix the Cat, but not something I would watch again. It was probably good at the time because my grandpa acted like it was the greatest thing ever, but it doesn't hold up to today's standards, nor capture the attention of anybody who views it today. I rate it 2+ because the supposed "violence" is hardly even violent anymore, but rather just boring and outdated.
age 4+

Ok for ages 4 and up

An amazing cartoon show
age 2+

1960's craziness!!!

Underdog is really cool. The theme song is catchy and Barsinister's a great villian. The show protrays indians as savage troublemakers. One of the indians talks by speaking random sounds. There's violence involving guns and some characters smoke.

This title has:

Too much violence
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
age 2+
i would like to complain about violence if you are going to give movies like the movie under and the underdog tv show three for violence out of five you need to make a higher scale and if you don't want to low the violence and i don't want make a riew
not rated for age


I got this for my father for Christmas(He was a little kid when they made these, and he LOVED this show). I didn't think that it would be that good(my mother said it wasn't), but when I watched it I found out it was REALLY GREAT!!!!! Underdog is really funny and VERY original. Simon Barsinister's plan to "dry up all the water in the world" with his "big dipper" was HISTERICAL!!!!He apparently thought that he could enslave all of mankind because he had all the water in the world. I also find it funny that they always choose Underdog to gaurd huge amounts of gold,It's always "the largest shipment of gold ever made", and the gold always gets stolen, usually by Riff Raff. The shorts are also all very funny, particuarly Go-Go Gophers and Tooter Turtle. Shame be to anyone who finds this show violent or inapropriate! If you think THIS is violent, you should see shows kids are watching THESE DAYS(Pokemon, Yugi-Oh, Digimon, etc.)! THIS SHOW IS WONDERFUL!!! EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!