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Life is Viewtiful!

Viewtiful Joe is a awesome show, made just to have fun. Sadly it's a victim of american censorship, reducing the plot, cutting required episodes needed to explain and just making things much more stupid. To understand the american dub of the show, you'd need to play the game. The basic premise is, that Joe, while at a showing of his favorite movie, witnessed Silvia get kidnapped by the villian, soon after Joe was brought into movieland by Six Majin, the giant robot of Captain Blue. Given a V-Watch by the aging hero, Joe is to become the new hero of movieland. While I will admit, Joe is lazy, a big goofball, and a total kid at heart, he takes his job as the hero of movieland very seriously, and has a good and kind heart, fighting the forces of evil and rescuing Silvia and her father Captain Blue, who has been trapped in movieland. As someone who has played both of the games and seen the original Japanese release of this series, the presentation it got in america is disipointing. It's been dumbed down, and alot of the elements of the series have been removed and changed. And the villians, though "Scary" to some are almost tradisional in the story of good versus evil, presented in black and white like in the movies. Children can and will realise this, and root for the hero. People need to stop trying to protect their children from common sense, and just sit down and enjoy the show.