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age 3+

White bread for little minds - sweet with no substance

The style is Blaze meets Animal Mechanicals meets Tayo the little bus. It has the recognisable lure of many better cartoons, but little of what makes them great. Expect to keep the remote control handy, as the volume of the voices is constantly changing, sometimes whisper quiet. The titles are also deafeningly loud. This may not be the original show’s fault, but a poor job done bringing this show to an English audience. Dispite sometimes bizarre character design and simplistic style, the animation quality is good. My three-year-old and I both enjoyed the look of the dragon narrator character. The stories have some questionable lines (something lost in translation?) but the voice actors do an admirable job of trying to speak them in time with the characters’ jerky movements on screen, probably looking fine in its original language but which makes for a distracting experience in English. The voices come across sounding comically awful during some of the songs, though I think this is the fault of the recording engineers rather than the actors. Some of the characters are very naughty sometimes. I would not recommend this even though my 3 year old is currently a big fan.
age 5+

Pink deer car is bad role model

My children, 6 and 2.5 yrs, discovered this show a few weeks ago. The theme song bothers me immensely, but today’s episode was the last straw. The pink deer car was not a positive role model... lying, being inconsiderate, and sneaky. We will not watch again.
age 2+

Junk Food for Toddlers' Minds

Bright colors, annoying music, nonsensical stories. I hate that my two and a half year old loves this show.
age 10+

Inappropriate language, not suitable for children

Our son loves anything to do with cars so we decided to watch this show. In the first or second episode, one of the "bad cars" was talking about getting away with murder because it was so dead in the town, then they talked about robbing a store. I was shocked and scrambled to turn it off, it may be something to do with the translation from Korean to English, either way, not okay!

This title has:

Too much violence
age 5+

Questionable Language

We work hard to ensure our 4.5 year old is respectful in his language and clearly understands there are bad words and he isn't to say them. And then comes a show like Vroomiz which is targeted towards younger children but has words like "stupid" and "hate", both of which are words we don't allow in our home. Sad that I even need to address words like that from a show targeted towards younger children.
age 3+

Poor Language, Inappropriate Themes

My son loves anything with cars and vehicles, so we thought this would be an appropriate show. However, upon watching the show we found several issues. 1. There was some poor language in the show— like the characters using the word stupid to describe other characters. 2. There were some inappropriate themes. The show had an episode about energy drinks and “Red bull.” Though it didn’t encourage the use, it shouldn’t have been on the show at all. 3. There was little-to-no educational value in the show. We now redirect our son away from this show.

This title has:

Too much consumerism