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Well I am 19 years old, and back I was a toddler I'd catch the original series all the time either rooting for Dasterdly or The Ant Hill Mob. It was covered in different stereotypes at the time, but it was good none-the-less. I was working on my laptop this morning and decided to turn the tv on for some boomarang since I saw nostagic shows on boomerang and it the reboot started to play, I saw familiar faces and realized it was wackey races. I watched three episodes so far and it deals with some common modern day issues about censorship and how it affects kids. I think parents should allow their kids to watch this as I'm sure some of it would go over their heads except for the adults who are watching. (Similar to spongebob's dont drop the 'dubloons' when he handed gary bars of soap acting like a pirate and other older shows with humor like that) I'm glad a good tv show from my childhood got an actually good reboot, looking at you teen titans go, be cool scooby doo, and ben 10.
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