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I've watched the two seasons expecting to find something interesting and guess what, the complete opposite was thrown into my face. What a disgrace to all WAGS. This is just a show about money and fame hungry women who behave like seventh graders even in their relationships. They fight over the pettiest things and I cringed at the part where one of them said "I don't wanna go too hard on Kayla but I wanna show her that I ain't the one", like seriously?, you've got to be kidding me. How could grown women like these fight over something as little as a debate cause from what I heard Kayla had just point a fact out during an argument on their previous dinner which is not worth for a backlash. And Hencha!, the girl that's angry with Claudia because she allegedly "stole" her man. This is a clear sign that these women underestimate their boyfriends and husbands, I mean nobody can steal a human being unless they're a child that cannot think for themselves. So with the kind of perception she has, it means she thinks her "man" cannot make his own decisions. I wanted to write a lot on each girl on the show but I don't have time to waste on some of the stupid acts they pulled in the show. So in conclusion, I think this show is definitely not for kids under 18 because kids tend to pick role models on reality TV and this show doesn't have anything to take notes from for children unless you want your kids to grow up to have no self respect or morals in life. Your kids will definitely won't acknowledge things that really matter in life like these women. One thing I like about this show though, is that Kayla is the only one that doesn't think using her butthole like the rest of the flock does.

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