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Parent of a 9 and 10-year-old Written byAna S. June 10, 2018

Terrible female images

Semi dressed female characters are overly preoccupied with the way they look, with flirting, with what the male characters think of them... I can't stand my boys watching this show.

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Parent Written byMoms O. April 11, 2018

Birthing scene in Season 3 ep 10.

My 12 year old is currently watching this show. I have checked the rating and it is Y7, so I think.. okay, this is fine. Then I hear a graphic birthing scene and screaming and yelling from 10 feet away. This is not appropriate for an 8 year old! My 12 year old knows where babies come from, but i still dont think he need to watch it. Violence doesn't bother me since he is 12, Seems to be some sexual innuendo etc. The older seasons dont seem to be that bad. i would just be careful and conscious of it, especially if your kids think storks are dropping off the babies!

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Adult Written byViperDreams June 29, 2018
This show is the best action "anime" I have seen that is appropriate for kids. It can have great messages for the younger kiddos like "stay strong" and "don't let anything bring you down!" I LOVE IT! The plot , the characters , the design , and the animation is amazing. But one thing though , It's the same problem with spongebob;some parents think it's to sexual , some think not. But in my opinion I think you should watch it. It's a really good show

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Adult Written byT C January 23, 2018

Enjoyable, cliche, and mildly inappropriate.

Language: none. At one point Ruel (a main character) while losing a soccer-ish game lifts his pinky finger to the camera aka the Chinese version of saying "F*ck off"

Sugestive content: Not bad per se...but deffinetly to much for a "Y-7" show, should be "PG". In the first episode there is a quick scene where a wall is busted down and a surprised elf is shown behind it holding what is implied to be a porn mag but it's still a VERY mild scene considering all that's shown on the cover is an elf girl completely dressed but laying down. Some of the girls wear very short skirts and some tops that reveal cleavage. Multiple female characters are drawn very curvy and sometimes in mildly exposing clothing. Ruel is always flirting and getting rejected but it's not anything inmapropriate except mildly suggestive innuendos such as suggesting one female character "has a nice pair on her". The lead female protagonists both wear short skirts but one also wears a crop top that mildly reveals cleavage. One girl protagonist is kissed on the rear by a pirate at one point but it's only for said "comedic" purposes.

Violence: alot of fighting but no gore.

Religiously offensive topics: one main characters, Dally, carries a Sword possessed by a "shushu" which is referred to in the show as a type of demon, the sword talks in a very steryotipical demonic voice and tries to make Dally cave into his temptations often. One characters soul is disembodied at one point. There is a place were the disembodied souls go that is clearly based off of hell. There are multiple kinds of "magic" but they're not very realistic and more like superpowers. At the very beginning scene one man is shown saying something in "the language of the dragons" that sounds much like casting a spell and symbols float out of his mouth and create a desighn.

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Adult Written byBranko M. October 10, 2016

Great Show highly recommended

I highly recommend this show its awesome.
Adult Written byFellowshipOfThe... September 12, 2021

Sexualizes Children

Another French monstrosity sexualizing children on Netflix. This show has aspects that should be reserved for intimate adult relationships only. I can't even add screenshots of the adult toy one character waves around while the subtitles show the words "delicious gobble slobber" on the screen, because this clear representation of the entire anatomy of a full grown male would be too vulgar for little eyes to see. This is unacceptable sexual content for a little kids' cartoon. Within the same minute they show two mostly unclothed full grown women, one with just basically a thin belt covering the very center inch of her chest leaving the vast majority of her unclothed and exposed while the thin cloth strap has stitching to represent aspects of the female anatomy. It is very difficult to give an accurate description of how inappropriate this show is without my post being too vulgar, but the truth needs to be told. If I could post screenshots I wouldn't have to say a word. You wouldn't let your kids watch this trash. The images speak for themselves loud and clear. This show is grooming children, and “will certainly whet the appetite of pedophiles and help fuel the child sex-trafficking trade.”

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Adult Written bynicoletteb June 19, 2021

The female characters are over-sexualized and incompetent. Painful to watch.

This one features offensive depictions of women: hyper-sexualized, wearing leather bikinis and universally incompetent, emotionally unstable, gossipy, backstabbing, and needing to be rescued. In addition to the toxic messages, it's not a quality show. The writing is lazy, the characters are flat, the plot is mindless and predictable, the dialogue is stiff and artificial. Most of the episodes are mindless filler. There are so many plot holes. The animation is also painfully cheesy. The most interesting part by far is the villain, and a particular fight scene with the villain, episode 17 or so. The rest of it isn't worth watching. My 7 year old and I loved Avatar the Last Airbender, Kipo and the Wonderbeasts, The Dragon Prince, She-Ra (new), Voltron (new), and were looking for another show in a similar vein-- but this is NOT worthy of that list. Those shows are FAR superior to Wakfu, both artistically and ethically.

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Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Adult Written bynanoc January 4, 2021

Great show for kids and adults. It matures with its audience, though. So beware!

This show starts as a wonderful, light hearted kids adventure. The characters are all very different and funny. The action is fun without becoming too violent. The villains are more tragic than evil. The story is deep enough to keep you wanting to know more.

I read some parent complaining about the female attire. Well, it is kinda skimpy, but nothing you don't see girls that age wearing in real life.

But, here's my gripe: the season 1 aired in 2008, and the season 3 aired in 2017. The creators adjusted the content knowing their audience had grown up. As a result, season 3 is more violent and there are more complex subjects like love, regret, resentment, frustration. Season 4 is going in the same direction, so most likely say goodbye to the light hearted show you enjoyed in season 1.

I appreciate it that Ankama makes the show grow up with its audience, but I'd rate the season 3 as PG, and I think I'll watch season 4 before my kids do.

About the panties collector, some parents seem to have trouble with, my kids found it hysterical and called him Mr. Panties.

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Positive Messages
Positive role models
Adult Written bySouthPaw09 July 29, 2020

I was ok with everything until the underwear collecting

My 8 year old daughter and I watched an episode with a birth. Mama made a lot of noise baby comes out no graphic scenes but if you haven't hit on the potential trama birth can be, it'll be there in this scene. Fine whatever my kid knows where babies come from.
However, when it flipped to a really buff looking chacter with panties falling down around him and my 8 year old casually says "yeah he really likes underwear" I couldn't allow it. Like it definitely was fedish like.
To each their own but my 8 year old isn't there yet in her sexual education and yeah pg7 isn't where I'd expect that kind of theme.

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Sexy stuff
Adult Written bySwapna Gopinathan September 5, 2019
It has love stuff, scantily clad females.
Adult Written byPlmokm April 7, 2016

This is great

It's a good movie that is totally made up.
Children get their new ideas from what they watc so it's good to let them see something like this

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Positive Messages
Adult Written byalphav May 14, 2015

Fantastic Show on Many Levels

Let me say, it's really hard to find something good for the 8-10 age range. Most American cartoons are trying to be "edgy" which mostly seems to mean unrelentingly stupid or mean-spirited or both. This show is a banquet of visuals, hysterical slapstick cartoon violence and positive, likable characters. I love it. I thought "European + anime" might be too risque but it's barely a peppering and mostly pretty innocent.

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Positive Messages
Positive role models